Make a Genogram online ?
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Do you know of a online service to produce/maintain Genograms ?

[Asking for my sister - I didn't know this before she asked but a Genogram is like a family tree on steroids - see the Wikipedia link for full details]

Is there a web based application out there that does the following:

1. Allows data entry to define a Genograms.
2. Allows preview of resulting diagram in browser.
3. Allows diagram to be output in JPG/PNG etc so that it may be embedded in Word, etc.

By the way I'm aware there is at least 1 executable which will help in the creation of Genograms but I'm specifically interested in it being offered as a service via a web browser.
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Gliffy if you can live with the limitations of the Basic Account

Maybe Cumulate Draw

Gliffy alternatives
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