Ordinary worker during the day, phlebotomist trainee on the weekends
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Where do I get the training needed to be a phlebotomist? I need to be able to do it during the weekends.

I have a full-time job and want to do a phlebotomy training course. The local community college only offers class during work hours, and being that I work full-time and can't afford to leave it, I need to do the training on the weekends.

I read in the paper (in the classified section) that there are weekend courses, but I don't know if a course/college needs accreditation to get the preparation needed for the national certification exam. I've been googling and I haven't found any websites that look like it has legitimate information and there are a lot of shady for-profit "colleges" in the area. Does anyone have any information on accredited phlebotomist training programs in the DC Metro area that take place on the weekends?
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Phlebotomy.com has collected directories of accredited programs.
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Ask at the c.c. if they have online versions of any of their courses. Obviously at some point you will have to attend a class in person for the hands-on experience, but maybe you can get some prerequisites out of the way online.
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I think you'll find that, for this and just about everything else, evening classes are far more common than weekend classes. They're also designed for people exactly in your situation, i.e. people with day jobs they can't afford to leave who nonetheless want to go back to school.
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For many of the ancillary jobs found around a hospital, the qualifying "certifications" are suspect, to say the least. I guess as a possible screen against those "for-profit" colleges around you, call a local hospital HR office and ask if they accept phlebotomy certs from that school.

However, I think you'll find the for-profit colleges do actually train adequately for the job at hand. IIRC I learned phlebotomy in about 8 hours during nursing school.

Now, perfecting it is a whole 'nother ball field.
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