Is Yakult worth it?
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What have been your experiences of taking Yakult?

Is drinking this stuff really worth it? I don't travel abroad, don't eat stuff past the sell by date and have pretty regular bowel movements. I've been drinking it for about 6 months now, and have noticed no difference whatsoever.

How did drinking Yakult (or any such drink, I guess) actually affect your life? I'm looking for general answers about how this stuff affected you, in a positive/negative way.
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I grew up drinking Yakult... It's tasty.

But I don't think it helped in anyway. For comparison, after I started eating yogurt everyday, I could feel a positive difference, e.g., bowel movements and a general sense of well-being.

Oh, I forgot to add... These days, I also find Yakult too sweet for my taste.
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It doesn't actually do anything so any positive/negative affects people report are mostly placebo effects. If you like it, keep on drinking it. If you don't like it, don't feel like drinking it helps you in any important way.
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It messed with my stomach. Nothing major, just a lot of activity that otherwise I never notice.
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I used to drink that stuff all the time - it's delicious! - but, looking back, I can't think why. It's quite expensive too, so if you're after some of that good intestinal flora, just go with a low-fat natural yoghurt.
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I like the taste, but it does nothing.
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I'm confused, is it supposed to do anything beneficial?

When I was growing up I always drank it because it's tasty and my mom bought it, but it's only available at Asian supermarkets so I don't bother now. When I lived in Korea it mixed well with soju. But yeah, keep drinking it if you like the taste and you think it's worth paying for.
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Yeah, I drank Yakult as a kid in SE Asia, but I don't remember any effects from it, good or bad. Tasty though!
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Yakult and other drinks like it are supposed to "stabilize" the population of bacteria in your bowles by populating them with benign or even beneficial bacteria such as a found in live joghurt cultures.
I have read that this can be achieved much more cheaply by regular joghurt, it just has to be the natural stuff (Some joghurt I ate in in the U.S. was tasty but color and texture reminded me much more of things like jello than the stuff I am used to).
The thing about yakult is that the bacterial cultures used in it are supposed to survive passage through the acidic environment of your stomach better than regular lactobacillus. This way more of them are able to do some good in your intestines.
I don't now if it really helps, I just like eating joghurt for the taste. My bowel movements are fine thank you very much.
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Looking at the related questions making my previous answer rather redundant: No, I did not notice any difference.
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I grew up having one practically every day. No difference on anything.
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Thanks guys. Looks like I can save myself the £150-odd a year I'm spending on it.
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