iPhone RSS reader that supports SSL and authentication?
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Anyone know of an RSS reader for iPhone that supports SSL and authentication, and does NOT use an online aggregator?

I need an iPhone RSS reader that will handle SSL and authenticated feeds, but it can't use an aggregator (the feed credentials must stay on the iPhone). I've been searching for a while and haven't come up with anything. Anyone come across such an application?
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I don't know if I've got an answer for you, but just out of curiosity, why do you want this?
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Response by poster: I wrote and run a portal for a nonprofit organization that by its nature takes security pretty seriously. None of the information conveyed via the portal is accessible via unencrypted / unauthenticated means. Because of this, and because of our clients' need to monitor specific sections of the portal, I've created RSS feeds that require authentication (basic http auth) over SSL. I'd like to be able to point our clients to an iPhone app that will allow them to view the RSS feeds when they're away from their computer.

The security issue is, incidentally, why we block all (known) aggregators - the information is intended for consumption by the clients only.

So, yeah - it's an edge case, but it can't be THAT uncommon, can it? There are plenty of PC/Mac clients that can handle this. I've been through a dozen or so RSS readers for iPhone but none of them can handle SSL and auth.
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