Recommendations for wireless locator kit? (i.e. 'RFID-beepers I can stick on things)
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Can you recommend a good wireless locator kit that will let me tag various remotes, keys, etc. so I can find them by activating the locator and listening for a beep?

Key features I'm looking for would be: good range, ability to deal w/ wireless interference, small tags (one of the remotes I want to stick a tag onto is 3 inches by 1 inch), reasonable price range.

I saw along these lines with minimal response. Amazon lists a few kits like this: EZ-FIND-25-Item-Wireless-Electronic-Locator but I would really like to hear if anyone's used it and if so how's the quality.
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We tried one of these things a few years ago -- I forget the brand. It worked fine but the tags are always-on radio receivers so they quickly drain their tiny little batteries. You typically don't realize they're dead until you misplace the thing they're attached to. A couple of rounds of this and we went back to hunting for lost keys the old-fashioned way.
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Have you seen this AskMeFi?
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