Best non-expensive hotel in Oaxaca?
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Best reasonably priced hotel in Oaxaca? We're two people, traveling to Oaxaca the week after Labor Day. In search of a not too pricey hotel to stay in for a few nights at the beginning of our stay...and maybe a hotel to splurge on for one night at the end. Ideas? Anyone ever stated at the Hotel Monte Alban on the Zocalo? Or Casa Oaxaca? Those are the two we're thinking of for moderate and splurge, respectively.
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I have extremely fond memories of staying in las golondrinas in the city of Oaxaca about fifteen years ago. Very friendly people, overgrown lush gardens, and clean but simple rooms. Walking distance to shops and the Zocalo. Looks like about $40 a night for two.

Eat a Pitaya for me.
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I liked Casa Arnel its a 15 minute walk from the Zocalo and priced about $40-$50 a night.
I've stayed there twice and my dad has stayed there another time.

They have a great court yard with plenty of room to sit around and several hammocks. A friendly staff, a solid breakfast (extra) and during the day they bring out parrots.

enjoy Oaxaca!
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We stayed at La Casa de Mis Recuerdos (the original/Centro one) a few years ago and really enjoyed it. It looks like it's around $100US a night for two, with breakfast. But there are some specials running for this summer -- not sure if those deals are reflected in the posted price or not. It was incredibly clean, quiet, restful, very nicely decorated, and many guests had been coming back each year for about 5-12 years! Repeat customers are a great sign. It also has a gorgeous patio in the middle of the hotel, which provides a nice afternoon retreat from the activities and heat of the day.

Also, might I suggest you find one place that you'd love to stay in the whole time? I find it to be a royal pain to move hotels. You have to collect all your belongings, wait around to check out, carry your stuff across town, take the time to check in and unpack a bit. It takes a few hours in the middle of one of your three or four holiday days, and it just never seems worth it to me. Unless there is a really compelling reason to save up for one hotel night (i.e. it's a place you'd LOVE to stay in for whatever reason, but can't afford to outlay the cash for every night), I'd rather distribute the extra amount on a slightly nicer place for each night. That advice would change a bit if you were doing half-half at two places, or like I said, if there is a compelling reason to experience a certain hotel.

Try to have a meal at El Naranjo if the reviews still hold up.
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Stay at Las Bugambilias. Seriously. I stayed there last March and it was beyond excellent -- brilliant gourmet breakfast comes with the room, warm and friendly staff, with so many lovely touches. It's family run. Really firm beds, though! I stayed in two different rooms -- Margarita and Violetas, which both had connecting balconies. People I met in town often asked where I was staying and said I was lucky to be staying at Las Bugambilias. It's about 100USD/night, but they offer a discount if you pay with cash instead of credit. If they are booked, Casa de Los Milagros and Casa de Los Sabores are sister hotels. The latter has cooking classes. Bugambilias is very close to Santo Domingo and wandering the halls of the convent is like being in another world entirely.
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I suggest Hotel Real de Antequera on Av. Hidalgo (807), just steps from the zocalo. I was last there about 4 years ago, it was about 40 USD a night.

Casa Oaxaca is definitely a splurge and highly recommended. Even if you don't stay there, be sure you eat a meal at their restaurant.

Other places you might consider for a splurge are the Camino Real, near the Santo Domingo, and Hostal de la Noria, about two blocks east of the zocalo. The Camino Real is on a very quiet street. (Casa Oaxaca is pretty quiet too, even though Garcia Vigil is a busy street, as the walls are about six feet thick.)

El Naranjo closed up during the troubles in 2006; last I heard the chef Iliana de la Vega is in Santa Fe. A shame, it was a great place. I suggest Le Biznaga.
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I'm totally seconding Las Golondrinas. Please please please stay there. You won't regret it--it's like staying in the middle of an overgrown paradise and it's like a 5 min walk from the Zocalo.
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