Is it foolish to start watching Jericho now?
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TV show Jericho fans: Is it foolish to start watching the series now, knowing that it has been abruptly canceled and feature film plans aren't guaranteed? Or should I walk away before I get too invested?

I caught a couple episodes from the middle of the first season of Jericho the other day and I really liked it... but is foolish to continue watching since we already know it has been canceled (for the 2nd time it appears) and a feature film may never happen?

Should I willingly invest in story that will end without closure or is it an enjoyable experience despite the abrupt end?

(Note: Wikipedia mentioned the possibility of a comic book, but I probably wouldn't read that)
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I'd suggest go ahead and watch it. After the show was brought back the second time, the producers established a "conclusion" of sorts for the finale of the show.

With that said, I did feel as if the second "season" did not rise as often to the quality of the first. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't as entertaining. Perhaps when viewed right after the first season, without a hiatus, it runs smoother.
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I know where you're coming from, but what's the worst that could happen? I watched the first season and kind of enjoyed it. I didn't realize there was a second season. But I survived not knowing the ending. You will too! Watch and enjoy.
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Yes, watch it! At least the first season. Despite some flaws (including putting one of the best characters on a bus for no reason), it remains a solid and inventive show in the (post) apocalyptic genre and I really loved it.

It might help to know that the second season was planned to have only seven episodes, so it's my understanding that they were able to have some conclusions. In all honesty, I didn't watch that far into the second season (it kind of fizzled and lost its magic and focus for me). I was able to take the "ending" of the first season as my own personal conclusion to the narration of the story and felt that worked.

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nelleish, which character are you referring to when you say "put on a bus?"

I have heard that they are going to make a comic book/graphic novel to continue the series, so if you like it enough there is that to look forward to.

I loved Jericho. There was a reason fans went crazy trying (sucessfully) to get it back. I think the second season wrapped things up nicely.
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Huh, I actually liked the second season better. And they try to wrap it up a bit. I'd watch it.
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Oh yes, watch it!

The second season, especially the finale, wraps up everything pretty nicely, while keeping it open-ended enough for potential. But you can sit back and relax knowing that even if it doesn't go anywhere, it's still a good ending.

(Unlike Sarah Connor Chronicles...which I'm still incredibly frustrated by...)
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I didn't start watching it until after it had been canceled and off the air for some time, and I really enjoyed it. The second season feels a bit rushed, but everything wraps up nicely. It was a good show, there's no reason not to start it even though it was cancelled.
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I don't know about Jericho, but I definitely don't regret watching Deadwood even though I knew it went poof! before the fourth / final season was made.

And really, with so many series having formal "endings" that sucked horribly anyway (oh, David Chase, I hate you so much), what's the difference?
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I watched it knowing that there would be nothing more. Overall I really enjoyed it though as I started getting to the end of the series I was a little frustrated that there couldn't possibly be total resolution to all the storylines in the limited number of episodes remaining. I thought it was worth it. Good show.
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Another for watch it. I just did about a month ago. I thought the first season was AMAZING. The second season wasn't as good but that is probably because they were only brought back for a short season specifically to wrap everything up and it felt a little rushed.

They did a good job with the finale though, there is obvious conclusion to the major plot points and you can see the road ahead. It didn't feel like an abrupt ending to a story, more like the ending to a story that could continue but doesn't have to.
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I thought the finale was kind of weak but it wasn't bad enough to discourage me from recommending the show as a whole. They only had a couple episides & did the best they could to wrap things up. But yeah, the rest of the episodes make it totally worth it.
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The positive comments about the second season (especially the ending) make me wonder if I didn't give it a fair shake. I suppose, since its available on the NetFlix Watch Instantly option I might try again.

jschu - In lieu of spoilers in this thread, I'll point you to the TVTropes page on Jericho. I felt that a character who disappears to a neighboring town and then reappears many episodes hence qualifies as the trope "Put on a Bus" i.e. to be put in an off-story location where they could be rewritten into the plot when needed. I'd rather have them stayed in Jericho! They were just getting interesting!
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