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My parents are celebrating their 10th anniversary in Quebec City. They are staying in Sainte-Foy, on Hochelaga Blvd. I want to get them a gift certificate for a nice but not too fancy restaurant; nice enough so it's special, but not over-the-top, five-star nice. I want $200 to cover it. Thoughts? Thanks!
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I imagine they'll be going into Quebec City proper and not hanging out in Sainte-Foy. Aux Anciens Canadiens might fit the bill. If they're into more modern cuisine du terroir Laurie Raphaël might fit the bill.
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If you're perusing menus, by the way, n.b. that an entrée is a starter, not a main course.
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Take a look at; it should give you an idea of what's in the area, prices, menus, etc. I agree with zadcat that Laurie Raphael is great.
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Panache, the restaurant at">Auberge Saint-Antoine, has wonderful food and excellent service in the loveliest restaurant space I've ever seen. They seem very serious about the quality of the food and wine, but it's not intimidating at all. I think our total came to about $200, perhaps a little more, including wine. It was the best meal of our trip to Quebec City.
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Argh, sorry. I fail. The proper link is: Auberge Saint-Antoine. Please don't let my lack of basic HTML skills dissuade you from checking it out :)
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Le Saint Amour is a lovely, quiet restaurant that would be great for a special anniversary dinner.
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