Help identifying a song!
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Help me identify this (possibly well known) 90s grunge-y ish song.

Okay, I just heard this while passing a pub and it stirred up some teenage memories because it was on heavy rotation on MTV back then. I figured I could look it up at home, but I'm having no luck.

I can't remember even the lyrics, I just remember the tune, it was catchy.

Here's what I can recall:

- 90s grunge, vocals/style very similar to Stone Temple Pilots.
- Lead vocalist is a guy.
- The chorus goes "Hey ey ey, now there won't be [something something], hey ey ey, now there won't be [something else]"

For example he _may_ have sang "hey ey ey now there won't be rain, hey ey ey now there won't be stars right now" but I don't really know. The chorus is pretty catchy though.

- It was played on MTV a lot so it's very likely something of a well known single at the least.

If I can remember anything else I'll post. Hope someone out knows what I'm talking about though ...
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Best answer: Live's Selling the Drama
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There's a bunch of Alice In Chains songs that this could be, that sounds like Layne Staley's style, but I'm blanking on which one would be the best fit. Maybe one of these will jog a memory?
Rotten Apple.
Man In The Box
Rain When I Die
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I second "Selling the Drama."
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I third it.
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Response by poster: Thank you!
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Response by poster: And yeah, I'm laughing at one of the youtube comments: "took me 14, yes 14 years to find out the name of this song and who sings it"

Thanks once again, very glad I didn't end up like that guy :-P
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To be fair, when you name your band "Live," you're going to be making your music a little hard to track down: "Ok, I get it, the song is live, but who is it BY?"
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