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What can I do with my old DVDs and magazines?

This is a two'fer question. I have a variety of older stuff like standard DVDs and old-but-popular magazines that I no longer want, but I do want to reap some financial benefit from those items. Here's the question then:

DVDs - I still like the DVDs I have, but I'd like to replace many of them with BluRay copies. Is there somewhere I can trade the oldies in for Amazon or Best Buy or other retailer credit? Or a similar solution. FWIW, I've sold before with OK luck on half.com.

Magazines - I have four or five years of Martha Stewart, MS Wedding, ReadyMade, and some other magazines that are in excellent to OK condition. How can I convert these to cashmoney?
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I sold off my CD collection with Amazon. It is easy to get set up, and great to work with, though I did all of the shipping and stuff myself.

For the DVDs, you might try swaptree, and get some books or video games. I ended up with a big shelf of interesting books for just the cost of shipping!
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Not sure about getting BluRay, copies but there's SwapADVD if you're interested in different titles.
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I sold off my CD collection with Amazon. It is easy to get set up, and great to work with, though I did all of the shipping and stuff myself.
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I just went over there to take a peek at how it works on Amazon, says .99 per item -- do I have that right? How did you do selling your CDs there? I was sortof appalled to see that CDs selling on eBay are going for a buck or two each, plus whatever shipping -- yikes! And how much did you charge for shipping of CDs?

I ask cuz I've got like seven or eight hundred CDs I'd like to get out of my hair / out of my home. With that many, would a Pro account be better for me ie did your CDs sell quickly?

Slight derail maybe; sorry gang. Maybe someone elses interest will also be piqued by your response though; first I'd come across the idea of selling CDs on Amazon.
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With a pro account, you pay $40/month, but don't pay the $0.99 per CD/DVD when they sell. Good deal when you sell more than 40 titles/month.

I've sold hundreds of books and thousands of CDs/DVDs on Amazon, and if the titles are priced correctly (read: lower than everyone else), then they will always sell. Always.

Get the pro account, sell through the bulk of your collection, and cancel when you are satisfied. Good luck keeping up with orders!
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