How can I embed HTML into my Powerpoint presentation?
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How can I embed HTML into my Powerpoint presentation?

I've created some wonderful 'motion charts' using the Google gadgets in its online spreadsheet program. I can create embed html code but but can't figure out how to include this into my Powerpoint presentation.

I've tried including it into Google's online presentation tool but you can't import html as far as I can tell. So that won't work either...

Anyone have any ideas?

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I don't think you will be able to re-use what you have, unless it is a web-base presentation program. (Maybe Apples' keynote?)

You will probably have to redo things using a VBA Macro or the built-in slide animation tools.

If your motion chart is not interactive and follows a set path - then maybe you could record it as a video/movie and embed it that way.

I would think that Google's presentation software would link to things in Google gadgets/spreadsheets, but I've never tried.
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My ppt-fu is not that strong but in case someone says "you can do that" an alternative that come to mind is to take a screencast of the chart in motion as a video and embed that.

PPT might not be able to handle the scripting required for a motion chart.
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Whenever I've needed to do something like this I've taken screenshots/screengrabs.
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An alternative idea would be to use your browser itself for presentations. You can create presentations easily using a tool called rst2s5 (see this for a demo. Using reStructuredText is very easy (a simple editor, like notepad, would suffice). Using rst2s5 on the source creates an html file. You could then embed the code you have easily.

Granted, if you've never used command line tools before, this might be a bit tricky.
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Good idea about recording the screen and including it as a video. I could pause the video at different points.

Still seems weird that it's not possible to easily include any of the cool gadgets that are around, not even in the many web-based presentation tools...
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