Where can I buy Polaroid 600 instant film in NYC?
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Where can I buy Polaroid 600 instant film in NYC?

I'm looking for a brick-and-mortar store in NYC that might have Polaroid 600 film for sale (old camera shop with old stock? thrift store?). I've checked on craigslist and didn't find anything.
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Adorama still has it in stock but the price is high. I've heard of some people having luck finding 600 at drugstores.
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Yep. Drugstores, the ones that aren't too cheap but look like they've been there for years. I've stumbled onto some packs a few months ago around the East Village.
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I read a thing a couple weeks ago about Urban Outfitters selling some of the last Polaroid film available. I'm not sure they're in NY, but I'd assume they are.
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wal-mart? I found some in a wal-mart a few weeks ago. That was not NYC so YMMV.
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Spotted: 600 for sale in souvenir shops, Chinatown, Toronto. Maybe check out the equivalent.
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