Is there a program that will reconstruct an NTFS file?
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WindowsXPsupportfilter: Wow. My hard drive is all kind of messed up. Looking for a program that will reconstruct an NTFS file partition. (more inside)

My 120 gb hard drive crashed and I had to reformat and reinstall the first partition, C, and now the second partition, D, shows up as unformatted. Any suggestions how I get my 85 gb MP3 collection back?
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I take it you've CHKDSKed it?
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Response by poster: yes
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Boot with Knoppix, and see if the D drive is recognized. I'm short on time now, so I can't give complete directions, but downloading the latest version of Knoppix will be a good idea.
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What did you use to create the two partitions in the first place? Also, is the second partition actually showing up as an unformatted partition, or is it showing up as unpartitioned free space? Lastly, when you reformatted your C: partition, did you do a quick format or a full format on it?
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Response by poster: The partitions are the two I made when I first installed windows on the new hard drive. The second drive does show up as an unformatted drive in windows. It was also detected as a partition when I reinstalled XP. When I reformatted C:, I did a quick format.
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