Looking for an online DVD retailer.
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Can anyone suggest a good online DVD retailer? Amazon is out of stock on what I need (The Office: The Complete Collection) for several weeks. I'd buy locally but I'm broke and looking to get it at a discount.
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Deep Discount DVD
posted by reverendX at 11:16 AM on December 18, 2004

and here is the DVD you want
posted by reverendX at 11:18 AM on December 18, 2004

DVD Price Search
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I know I shouldn't encourage this sort of thing, but, well... um... [cough]
posted by Civil_Disobedient at 1:00 PM on December 18, 2004

I think it was on sale at Best Buy when it came out, although I dont' know if it is anymore, but it still might be worth it to check.
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Response by poster: thanks for the answers, all.

Hehe, although I've got nothing against using bit-torrent, this will be a christmas gift.
posted by efalk at 2:30 PM on December 18, 2004

My cautionary tale: last year I ordered a new DVD from B&N online. It was a gift for someone. It was the movie Stroszek! The DVD arrived and was sealed normally and everything was all OK, until a month later when the gift recipient sat down to watch it one night . . . and found only AN AOL CD inside. I paid $25 for an AOL CD!!! (Barnes & Noble exchanged the item but never did actually tell me how it could have happened . .) So: you may want to urge your gift recipient to open the case, too, and have a look-see.
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Another vote for Deep Discount! They rock.
posted by knave at 5:18 PM on December 19, 2004

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