High resolution still video capture on the Mac?
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In Snow Leopard, has Photo Booth been upgraded to utilize the full resolution of the iSight or external webcams? I want to do one of those DIY wedding photo booth deals, but my 10.5 version of Photo Booth limits resolution to 640x480. Alternatively: will any piece of software on the Mac let me capture a still image from my Logitech 9000 at its full 2MP resolution? I have searched in vain for webcam software that doesn't limit me to 640x480. Help!

And finally: I'm aware of remote tethering, but it doesn't seem to be a possibility with my Canon PowerShot SD500. If I found a camera that allowed me to do this, what software would best emulate Photo Booth for a kiosk-like still-photo capture setup?
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Have you tried Quicktime pro? (or whatever it's called in SL). I accidentally made a video of myself trying it the other day; not quite a kiosk app but it's simple enough and should be able to get the full res of your camera if it's Mac-compatible.
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There's an application here (free) that pulls 1.3 mp from the iSight. I've used it before. It's better than 640x480 at any rate.
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I don't know of any programs like PSRemote for the Mac, you could get a compatible camera and boot camp it.

If you don't care about on screen previews, you could load CHDK on your current Powershot and setup a automatic shutter (via delayed motion detection + timer), with an EyeFi card to automatically send pictures to your Mac. Then do some processing to get photo booth like snaps/prints.
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Response by poster: Thanks, guys.

If I went with QuickTime, it would go like this: I'd have Automator start video capture, wait a second, and end video capture. Then I'd use AppleScript to trigger Photoshop's Import > Video Frames to Layers feature, and then use Photoshop's actions to just combine all the layers, since I only want one frame.

I finally found an app that gives me full-resolution stills from webcams. It's called Capture IT!, and it's somewhat poorly-designed, but with GUI scripting I was able to trigger the screen grabs.

Future thread-readers, feel free to MeFi-mail me for more details about the ridiculous Automator script that manages all of this.
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Response by poster: Also, QT still doesn't seem to get me beyond 640x480 with the iSight, while Capture IT! gets me to the native 1600x1200.
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