Help me get to New York Law School on time.
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I'll be speaking at a conference in New York City, and I'd like to figure out how best to get there.

The basic problem is that the conference begins at 12:30 on Thursday. All flights from Fargo, ND arrive at Newark Intl. at 12:00 or later. This does not seem like enough time.

The simple answer would be to go on Wednesday and get a hotel for the evening. However, money is a real problem for me. In fact, I am currently living out of my workshop.

That said, I have a credit card and can get cash. If you can simply tell me the best way to get to NYLS from Newark Intl, that would be very helpful.

I may try to stay until Sunday and live out of hostels, any recommendations there would also be welcome. I have experience with hostel life in Chicago, but this will be my first time in NYC.
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Have you tried Couch Surfer, or something like that?

Getting from EWR to NYLS is pretty easy. You take the NJTransit train from EWR right into Penn Station (about $12, I think), and then the 2/3 Subway downtown ($2.25) to Chambers St. That'll let you off at Chambers and West Broadway. NYLS is 4 blocks north and 1 block east.
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12:30 is late enough in the day to fly into another location on the east coast, Phila?, and take a train into the city in the morning. SO if you have to come east on Wednesday, consider staying out of town. As for getting to NYU from Newark, I have taken the Olympia Trails Bus.
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From Penn, you can also take the A/C/E downtown to Chambers St., which should let you off at Chambers and Church. Then you'd only need to walk the 4 blocks north. However, I find the 2/3 a much better train.
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Air Train: The Air Train offers connecting service to NJ Transit and Amtrak trains which will bring you into Manhattan. Surprisingly, this can actually be much quicker than taking a cab or bus, and it is much more affordable. $11.55 one way will bring you from Newark Airport to Penn Station....Getting To and From EWR Airport
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Check the on-time schedule before you rely on it to get you there at 12!

You might try speaking with the conference organizers, they might have some ideas or be able to switch things around so you can speak later.
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And by the on-time schedule, I mean that you should check the on-time record of that particular flight.
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I find the 2/3 a much better train

On that line, Franklin St, on the local, is bit closer than Chambers (which is express, but the trip's not far either way.)

I live right around there, contact in profile, if you'd like to be shown around the neighborhood, have a meal or a drink.
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If you take a New Jersey Transit #62 bus from the airport, it will bring you to Newark Penn Station, where you can get a PATH subway directly to the World Trade Center. From there, it's a nine-block walk north to Worth Street. I dare say this is a LOT faster than going to NY Penn Station.

This will still take more than 30 mins though. 2nd the above suggestion of flying into another city, like Philly, to arrive earlier -- Chinatown buses from Philly are $10. Or find a red-eye into NY.
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Hmm... very interesting. I'll check into other cities...
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Yeah, I recommend going wed. and using couch surfer. 30 minutes is not nearly enough time to get from Newark to downtown, no matter what transportation you take.

Hostels in NYC are ok, but they'll probably be around $25 for the night (significantly cheaper than a $100 minimum hotel room...but still...).

Find somebody cool who is close and crash on their couch! You'd think it be awkward...but these people put themselves out there just for guys like you.
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(and poor guys like me as well)
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The New York area airports are very congested. Flight delays of two or three hours are not uncommon (though things are more likely to be on time in the morning). If I were trying to make your schedule, I'd not want my flight to arrive any later than 7:30... and I'd still be anxious about making it on time. So if it was me, I'd come the night before.

I've seen Jazz Hostels recommended on Metafilter before, but never stayed there myself.
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If you take a New Jersey Transit #62 bus from the airport, it will bring you to Newark Penn Station, where you can get a PATH subway directly to the World Trade Center. From there, it's a nine-block walk north to Worth Street. I dare say this is a LOT faster than going to NY Penn Station.

This is just BAD information. The bus takes a LONG time.
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Hey, fake, Does it have to be Newark? (i.e. you're using miles on Continental)

On Expedia, presuming the date is Oct 8th, there are flights that arrive at JFK at 10:47 AM and LGA at 10:59 AM. I'd take JFK, no guarantees but apart from the afternoon international rush, you have a marginally greater chance of not being delayed there than at Newark or La Guardia - not much, mind you - shit still happens, but it slightly increases your chances. You can take Airtrain from JFK to Jamaica Station and then LIRR to Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn whence a subway whisks you to Chambers St.

Of course you'll be jetting out of Fargo @ 5:00 AM, but c'est la vie.
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No, doesn't have to be Newark... that's just the only result I was able to pull up. 5:00AM is no problem for me.

Thanks again for all the info, everyone -- you've really helped me.
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So, the final resolution. NJtransit from Newark was fantastic and cheap, then I took Penn Station to Canal (stayed in the Hilton Garden Inn Tribeca for the first two nights on NYLS' dime).

Getting out, however, was a bit trickier. There was an insane crowd at Penn, so after schlepping all my shit up there from waaaaay south Manhattan, I ended up just bolting outside and grabbing a cab. Cab to EWR cost $70, but it was worth it to get there with a little time to spare and offered me some high-speed views of non-Manhattan.

I had a great first time in NYC and people there seemed to like me. Thanks, all.
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