Paging Bettie Page, Toronto edition
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Where to find Bettie Page paraphrenalia in Toronto?

A lady friend of mine is the biggest Bettie Page fan I've ever met, and she collects all manner of kitsch with Page's image on it. It's her birthday on Sunday and I'd love to add to the collection, but I'm both a) a terrible shopper and b) pretty new to Toronto.

Where are my best bets in Toronto for finding that kind of stuff? Bonus points for downtown, but anything within TTC range is doable.

(and yes, I know there's all kinds of great stuff online, but it's mid-morning on Friday now and the party is on Sunday. Life never gives me enough notice, and young love waits not for shipping)
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Give the The Beguiling a call and explain what you're looking for. I've seen B. Page books there in the past and they may have something new. They're on Markham St., just south of Bloor, behind Honest Ed's. They also might have a copy of the Rocketeer, in which the main love interest was a B. Page look-alike (if I remember correctly).
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Does it HAVE to be Bettie? I imagine she already has the Taschen book on her, but there's also something like this.
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Tuttie Frutti at 402 Bloor in the Annex has Bettie Page things. Also, the shops in Chinatown around (on in particular, on the ground floor of the building where China Pearl is) on Spadina have all sorts of bags and purses with Bettie Page prints.
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