NYC Engraver for LOVE?
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I'm looking for good engraver in NYC. My brother and I bought a Robert Indiana LOVE paperweight for our parent's 40th anniversary (they met at one of the artist's openings back in '67, the summer of... well, you get it). Also, do you think it's possible that it can be engraved given its irregular shape, or perhaps a plaque could be affixed? Have a look. It's made of aluminum. Our version is unfinished (i.e. silver).
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It would be relatively simple to have a small wooden plinth made where you could attach a plaque.
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Seconding the plinth + plaque. A shallow recess cut into the top of the plinth would support the object nicely for display whilst allowing it to be easily removed and used as a paperweight (or thrown at a dangerous animal).
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I had a good experience a couple of years ago with Alpha Engraving in Midtown.
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