published google doc - autoindexed or hidden until linked?
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Is a published Google Doc document autoindexed by Google or hidden until it is first linked by another page?

I am sure the answer to this is in plain sight somewhere but I've been googling for 30 minutes (!) without finding the answer so I'd better ask for help.
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Google docs are not indexed by Google due to the robots.txt file that prevents it. Source. (Ionut Alex Chitu is a well-known blogger who writes about Google.)
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Thank you. That's a credible source so I'll take their word for it. But weird that google doesn't explicitly state it on the google docs info pages (as far as I can tell/search).
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It's mentioned in their help article on 'Privacy and security':
Because robots and spiders can't get to your documents, spreadsheets or presentations, your docs won't appear in any search index.
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The robots.txt file doesn't actually prevent the indexing of Google docs. You can verify this for yourself by going to If you publish a document, it'll have a /View link. However, Google doesn't crawl its own docs as a matter of course. It'll only crawl a document if (a) you've published it so it doesn't require credentials, and (b) linked to it from something that Google does crawl.

On a bit of a tangent, you can configure a Google Search Appliance to crawl Google Docs using credentials.
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Update: they're soon going to be allowing documents that have been explicitly published to be crawled. Here's the post about it.
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