Creme de la Mer... without the price tag?
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Creme de la Mer... without the price tag? Give me your miracle moisturizer. Added difficulty: splotchy, ornery, VERY sensitive skin.

Before you ask, I've tried the cold cream -- too heavy. Cetaphil cream -- too heavy, regular cetaphil moisturizer, not enough. Vitamin E oil... nothing. I drink tons of water, take my vitamins, eat a healthy diet, and even take fish oil.

and yet. my skin HATES me. well, the skin on my face.

i have lingering scars, both from chicken pox 15 years ago, and from acne, which often leaves brown spots, even after the bump is healed. i have giant nose pores. my skin is very unevenly toned, especially around my mouth (it's not rosacea, already checked that out).

it's just ORNERY.

so. your most recommended moisturizer/skin evening/pore minimizing products, please?
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I haven't tried their moisturizers, but La Roche-Posay's face wash is excellent (non-drying, shrinks pores, leaves skin softer than any drugstore brand I've ever tried) and I'd expect their other products to be good, as well. Prices are quite a bit less than la Mer, but not super cheap (my bottle of face wash was in the $20 range, but has lasted me a couple months and will last a few more).
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It costs that much for a reason.

Yes, and the reason is marketing.

Creme de la Mer works beautifully for many people, because it has occlusive moisturizers in it, including mineral oil and petrolatum, and also has seaweed extracts, which provide the complex fatty acids that make skin "glow". And it smells nice.

However, there are other equally effective creams which cost less than a tenth of what Creme de la Mer costs (though they do not smell as nice).

In any case, if you have a history of acne and enlarged pores, you should not use occlusive moisturizer, so Creme de la Mer isn't likely to be a good choice for you regardless of its price tag.

Oil of Olay Regenerist products might work well for you; another possibility is Philosophy's Hope in a Bottle.
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Seriously, there's no reason that Creme de la Mer costs as much as it does, except that people are willing to pay it. There aren't any special ingredients that distinguish it from moisturizers that cost a tenth as much; you can get a good-quality moisturizer for $10 or $12 dollars an ounce.
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From the girlfriend (a face goo expert):

Creme de la Mer is that hard to replace.

Hope in a Jar by Philosophy or Sephora has a sampler (which has the hope in a jar too) might be what you are looking for.

Update: She found a previous thread here.
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i should have mentioned -- i've tried Hope in a Jar -- no go. made me break out all over the place, although it DOES feel lovely when i first put it on.
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i've tried Hope in a Jar -- no go. made me break out all over the place

Hope in a Bottle is a different formulation. Still, you might be allergic to some of the inert ingredients Philosophy uses.

If you do decide to get Creme de la Mer, get a sample before you buy, because I think it would be a poor match for your particular skin type as you describe it, and you don't want to pay 100 dollars for that lesson.

Clinique and Estee Lauder both have moisturizers for sensitive and breakout-prone skin, which might also be good to get samples of.
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After decades of acne, my skin has suddenly decided to dry the hell out and resist any kind of moisturizer. I'm waiting to see my dermatologist, but in the meantime I've found that applying almond oil and wiping it off with a damp washcloth both night and morning helps. At night I use Aveda's Tourmaline Charged Hydrating Creme. I didn't have much faith in the Aveda (Tourmaline? Really?), but it does not make me break out (believe me, everything makes me break out) and seems to help.

And by "help," I mean "keeps the skin from actually flaking off my face in delightfully uneven patches."
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I have skin like yours and hated Creme de la Mer--as Sidhedevil notes, it's mostly mineral oil, and gave me acne in places where I'd never broken out before (like my eyelids!). On the other hand, I've had weirdly good luck using L'Occitane's hand cream (Creme Mains) as a facial moisturizer, despite the fact that it relies on shea butter which you wouldn't think would be good for acne-prone skin, either. I haven't tried their facial moisturizers.
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Bio Oil.
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My skin is kind of ornery too, and most products either dry me out or break me out. I've liked the Aveeno Ultra Calming line, which is inexpensive and good for sensitive skin. I'm not sure it made me less red, but it didn't irritate me one way or the other.

I've also liked all of the Mario Badescu products I've tried; they made my face feel "happy," as weird as that sounds.

Glytone might be another option. I've used their lotion sporadically, but I know people who swear by it. I believe you have to buy their products from a dermatologist's office, though.

You might also consider changing or simplifying the other parts of your skincare routine, if you can. When I stopped wearing makeup daily and switched from a wrinkle-preventing-acne-fighting cleanser to Cetaphil, my face got a lot better.
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Your skin sounds a lot like mine. Here's what's working for me right now:

1. wash face with a facial brush and Collective Wellbeing's Charcoal and Zinc Soap.
2. Moisture and Sun Protection from Key's Soap
3. Spot control with Neutrogena 2% benzoyl peroxide.
4. No moisturizer at night during humid summer months, but once winter kicks in, I like Yes To Carrots C Through the Night.
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Have you tried a gel mosturizer? Clinique's Moisture Surge works very well for my sensitive skin, and it's easy to find it cheaper on eBay.
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Whatever you choose, it takes skin several weeks to adjust. In the meantime, don't be surprised if you break out or have extra oil production.

I can't tell if you've used Creme De La Mer and like it, or just heard about it. If you like it, just go for some other mineral oil/petroleum/lanolin product. If you've never used it, stay the heck away as all those products that are the main emollients in CDLM are known sensitizers and are cheap crap, to boot.

My skin is somewhat like yours, and I've had very good results with moisturizers that contain jojoba (I make my own). A line of skin care products that have worked for me as well are BodyTime's Botanicals.
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I don't have a specific moisturizer to suggest since my skin problems aren't the same as yours but a couple of tips:

I've heard that Sephora has a very open return policy if you are unhappy with a product, although the return policy that they list on their website only states that you can return unused products within 60 days of purchase. However I recall hearing great stories of them taking back even open products, so out of curiosity I googled "Sephora returns" and indeed found sites where several people stated that they successfully returned partially used products, even a year after they were purchased. Don't know how reliable that information is, but if you decide to splurge it wouldn't hurt to ask about their policy wherever you decide to buy. I've heard the same about other places, but don't recall the names and have never tried it myself. I don't think that it's something that they advertise, but would tell you if you specifically asked about it. It does sound like you'd have better luck with this in a bricks and mortar store, even if they have a web presence.

I've also heard that jojoba oil is very similar in makeup to human skin's natural sebum, so it is particularly good for sensitive skin. Again no personal experience.

Finally, from what you described, large pores and uneven skin tone, glytone would be a good prospect, as long as your skin did not react poorly to the glycolic acid. At least some of the range, including facial moisturizers are available online. Just google Glytone. I think carries some of the products and I've found that other skincare related webstores have more of the line. It's not CVS cheap, but it's a lot cheaper than La Mer and other high end department store lines. While there are no miracle products, I do have a tiny bit more faith in OTC products that are carried or recommended by dermatologist.

Of course if you have the money, you may wish to consult a dermatologist. There may be a prescription product that would work for you. As expensive as that can be, it is still cheaper than La Mer, and trying hundreds of other products that don't work.
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This Body Time antioxidant hydrating mask is amazing- I've used it as a night moisturizer instead of as directed and it's been miraculous on dry patches, irritation and mild eczema. It has a fairly strong rose fragrance.

Clinique Acne Solutions post blemish formula fades scars for some skin types BUT it requires daily use over a long time (a few weeks) before results are noticeable, and it's packaged in a ridiculous pen-style tube that gives you minimal control over how much of the product is dispensed.
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When I am not going out, and everything (skin-wise) hurts from being dry - I use extra virgin olive or flax seed oil.

I love Kiehl's product's, generally.

For moisturizer and sunscreen... I love that Aveeno's naturals line, but they contain oxybenzone (or whatever that stuff is called. bad for fish and oceans. I live near the ocean...) so I switched back to my favorite and VERY effective Eucerin spf 30 with the pink cap. It's zinc-based, but you have to apply it to your face 15 minutes before applying make-up, which you want to apply sparingly if you are wearing the Eucerin. Unless you like gloopy looking face? I hate gloopy face!

I can't advise you on the names of chemicals, but I know generally that creams are chock-a-block with stuff that increases user-affection (feel) but actually aren't all that good for you.

I like oneirodynia's suggestion for JoJoba - I liked that stuff, too! And I have been wondering where to find it... Thanks for asking this question!
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Giant nose pores here too! Seconding Kiehl's, particularly their new Rare Earth line. I've got pretty sensitive skin myself, and recently got samples of the Rare Earth products and loved them.

Everything from Philosophy makes my skin go crazy. Same goes for Clinique.

I also get the brown spots from acne. I've found the best prevention is prescription Benzaclin, which keeps me almost acne-free without causing dryness or other irritation.
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Have you tried going to a dermatologist? My friend had horribly dry skin her whole life and her dermatologist recommended a cream she never would have heard of any other way. She swears by it now.
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My miracle moisturizer is applying vaseline to my face BEFORE I shower or before I wash my face. That's it. I get bad exema and red spots on my face without doing that and most skin products make me break out. The vaseline applied before I wet my face seems to keep my skin from drying out.

On vacations where I'm going to be swimming everyday, I use hydrocortisone or vaseline overnight.
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I have very sensitive skin with large pores, mild rosacea outbreaks, and uneven skin tone (reddish on my cheeks, nose, chin and forehead but yellowish around my mouth and nostrils). I use Cetaphil to cleanse. After much trial and error, my current rotation includes:

Complex 15, a drugstore brand, works well as a light moisturizer. No SPF and I can only find it in one large chain drugstore -- not CVS, it might be Walgreen's, so I also use...

Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 also works well. Easy to find. However, once I put it on I have to wait about 20 mins before applying make-up because, like a lot of SPF-products, it makes my face sweat a bit so I tried...

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid for Face. Bought it a week ago at CVS and so far, I like it. More expensive than Aveeno, so I switch between the two.

Not moisturizer, but two other products I like are:

Sulfur Therapeutic Mask by Doctor's Dermatologic Formula. I love how my skin looks/feels after using it, especially the pores on my nose. Twice a week at the most. Got it at Sephora.

Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen powder works really well. It's not as much coverage as full-on foundation, but it evens my skin tone, takes off the T-zone shine, doesn't irritate or dry my skin at all, and I love the finish.

Random notes:

I use honey on my face when it's really irritated. It helps.
I notice a huge improvement in my skin when I eat less white flour and sugar.
The site has helpful reviews of skin (and other) products.
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I have sensitive, combination skin. I've been very happy with Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin. It's fragrance- and colorant-free, which is important to me. For my skin, a little bit goes a long way. It's not too expensive and you can get it pretty much anywhere.

I'm a big fan of Paula's Choice products; they're also fragrance- and colorant-free. She has some moisturizers that have an interesting, gel-like texture. It's a bit weird, but kind of nice once you get used to it. I rely heavily on her toners for extra moisture, especially in the summer. They're also great for removing the last bit of makeup after you wash your face, especially if your skin can't stand being rubbed with a washcloth (like mine!). Here is a good article on dry skin causes and care.
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Before you shell out the big bucks for Creme de la Mer, you might want to give plain old Nivea Creme a shot. Apparently they have similar ingredients, though some suggest only the German made Nivea is the one similar in formulation to Creme de le Mer.
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Seconding transporter accident amy's recommendations of both Paula's Choice and the Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin.

I actually found that this cleanser (doesn't foam so it's kind of weird at first but I like it better now) and the BHA 1% gel made the biggest difference to my blotchy, flaky skin and big pores. I can't exfoliate my face with anything rough like a washcloth or scrubbing grains. The acid exfoliants sound harsh, but are actually much more gentle on my skin. You might want to experiment with the gels or lotions to see which you like better; also, I'd start with the 1% and go to 2% only if necessary.
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Kind of surprised no one has mentioned this yet, but maybe I just missed it: Proactiv

If it's acne you're worried about, then this stuff really, honestly, actually works. Only about $60 every two or three months. If you use their three products (cleaner, toner, lotion) morning and night, you will notice a huge difference in just a couple of days. My skin isn't terrible, so I usually just wash my face once in the morning and that's it, but sometimes it will go through stages of badness, and that's when I always go back to Proactiv, and it always works.

Unfortunately, it doesn't smell as nice as Creme de la Mer (which my wife uses, but she has better skin than I do).
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I find lighter creams to be better for my sensitive skin. I love Enzymion by Lush, which I think should be available in the States - very light and a bit mattifying. I have a prescription night cream for breakouts, but the best cleanser for spots I've found so far is the blue-coloured stuff by Kiehls. I'd recommend Lush's Babyface as a makeup remover too - cheap, lasts ages, does the job.
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Regarding Nivea Creme: some people apply it the wrong way. From one of the links:
"Although this is a fantastic and very rich body (and possible face) creme, I found it way too thick. The application was very hard due to the consistency."

Nivea Creme works better when applied on moist skin. To use it as a facial creme, apply first on slightly moist hands, rub them together and then press your hands on moist facial skin. A little goes a long way.
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If you would like to clear up your uneven tone, please try Peeling Groovy serum/exfoliator from Bliss Spa.

It's $65, which is moderately expensive (of course less than la Mer), but sooooooo WORTH IT!!

I had uneven tone from acne scars, used this religiously for two weeks, and it worked like no other had.
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forgot link...Peeling Groovy.
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I'm also a member of the giant nose pore club.

Most pore minimising products are flights of fancy. The only thing scientifically proven to remove oil from inside a pore is salicylic acid, also known as BHA. Using a BHA product will lessen the amount of oil inside a pore, and once there's less oil holding it open, the pore will gradually grow smaller. I've been using a BHA product for about four months now and my pores are smaller and less dark, though still not as good as I would like them. BHAs can be drying so I recommend starting with a 1% formulation and seeing how your skin likes it.

Seconding the rec for Paula's Choice. She makes several good BHA products, and everything is fragrance-free and low in irritants. I also like her hydralight moisturiser, though I wish it were a little heavier.

Paula Begoun also runs Cosmetics Cop (advice) and Beautypedia (product reviews), both of which are excellent. I've been following Paula for over twenty years and have found her no-nonsense skincare advice to be invaluable.
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A cheap, low investment threshold product to try is plain old honey. I use it as a mask every morning. Calms things down and makes them nice and soft.

For pores, you might want to try another drugstore favorite: Queen Helene's Mint Clay Mask. I use it every time things start looking blotchy or my pores start looking lunar.
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I have had lots of luck with emu oil.
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Nivea bye-bye spot night care. Yes, I wear night cream as a day moisturiser. It's brilliant. I've tried all sorts of moisturisers and this is the only one that is heavy enough to moisturise my skin, yet light enough to keep blackheads and acne away. It costs about $8 a tube.
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The 40 Carrots line -- and it's paraben-free!
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Complex 15, linked above, available at, has been the go-to moisturiser for everyone I've ever known with sensitive skin. Me, I use olive oil, like my grandmother and her grandmother, but I have never had skin issues.

Here's an olive oil mask recipe. And here's a longwinded article about using other types of oils to cleanse your face. Boots for Target sells an olive oil balm. Me, I just moisten my fingertips with a dark (the darker the better) olive oil and massage it in.
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Another Paula's Choice fan here, both her products and her website which is chock full of good, unbiased info about cosmetics. She keeps her cosmetic/consumer research quite separate from her marketing stuff.
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My skin: sensitive, acne prone (mostly cystic, some whiteheads), large nose pores, random scaly dry patches. I really really like the DDF line of products, which I buy at Sephora. I love the acne scrub and the moisture dew (despite the terrible name), and I know people who swear by the glycolic acid wash. My skin has improved so much since I started using it around a year ago. The stuff is not great smelling though.
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For years I didn't realize that I had sensitive skin. I just used products that seemed effective and wrote off the splotchiness, the acne and the dry spots to genetically inferior skin. My lot in life. Then about five years ago I read about the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM). After finally figuring out that I don't literally *wash* my face in oil (I used waaay too much at first) I have not used any commercial formulation of cleanser or moisturizer on my face since. And my skin? Turns out I DON'T have genetically inferior skin. I just have skin so sensitive that I have to be extraordinarily careful about the products I use. This means I use as few products as possible, and the products that I do use have to have as few ingredients as possible.

I use a good mineral makeup foundation/eyeshadows, hypoallergenic mascara. I remove my makeup using 15 drops of plain olive oil and a hot washcloth. Moisturizer consists of plain virgin coconut oil. Once a week I exfoliate using a teaspoon of sugar and steam my face.

About a year into using the OCM, I was away from home and used a commercial cleanser billed for sensitive skin. The resulting flare up spoke for itself.
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Have you tried Dermalogica? It's a professional line and used to be you could only get it from a authorized salon, but I've found it at my local Ulta store.

Another line you might check out is DHC. It is a Japanese line available through mail order and on-line. Their focus is olive oil based skin care. I really liked the Deep Cleansing Oil cleanser (great to use in the winter), and the Vitamin C Essence. I've used the Vitamin C Essence for a couple of years now and it has really helped even out my skin tone.

I read a review in Good Housekeeping about CeraVe cleanser and moisturizer. I picked some up at CVS and was really impressed by how it didn't strip my skin or irritate it and left it smooth and well moisturized.

Love and swear by Curel and use it exclusively as a body moisturizer and alternate it with CeraVe moisturizer on my face at night. I've never experience any irritation or break out with it. I put on after the DHC Vitamin C Essence at night.
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One thing to keep in mind about a lot of face products, specifically anything from Origins or Aveeno's calming stuff is that they contain chamomile. If, like me, you're also allergic to ragweed, you will be allergic to chamomile which makes for a very angry itchy face.
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I have been using Clinique products (dramatically different moisturizing lotion, moisture surge extra thirsty skin relief, superdefence spf 25, redness relief solutions moisturizer) since i was about 12. BUT i have differnt problems than you (my skin is just dry and rudy red, I don't really break out a lot) so I will give general advice that has helped me with my skin.

1. dont wear concealer or foundation. just dont. noone will notice. especially if you smile!

2. you dont need to use the same product on your whole face - heavier moisturizers can go just on dry spots, i usually put nothing on oily spots (like around my greasy food loving mouth!)

3. you can use different products diffrent days - we are women and we have hormone levels that vary. This can affect our skin differently on different days, so i use lighter moisturizers some days and heavier ones on others. Same goes for seasonal weather changes - adjust the routine to fit the need

4. generally, I dont wear anything at night unless my face feels so dry that it's going to fall off. If i do need to wear something at night, I give my face at least 2 hours so the skin can just be natural and breathe after washing. This is probably a psychological thing, but its a psychological thing that helps me.

This thread has a lot of face goo that you can start experimenting with. Good luck in your pursuits!
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Sorry, i assumed you were a woman. If you aren't my appologies.
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honestly, instead of shelling out for creme de la mer (which i suspect is pond's with different fragrance), i would use it to make an appointment with a good dermatologist.

i have sensitive skin. i've found relief by exfoliating with a scrub of rock salt and honey (salt dissolves in water, so the grit doesn't get caught in your pores like a commercial scrub might). i wash twice a day with unscented liquid neutrogena or cetaphil in the winter. i use a humidifier at night. i change my pillow case often to reduce breakouts.

when my skin gets really dry, unscented oil of olay is nice at night.
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another sufferer of combination-sensitive with acne/blackhead+uneven tone/redness-around-mouth skin (geez, right?!) here to share my 'what's worked for me' regimen:

-proactiv face wash+toner+moisturizer (+any old asian foam cleanser in the evening if my face still feels grimy after the proactiv fw)
-a touch of shiseido 'the skin care' moisturizer (or px presciptives 'all you need' moisture cream in the winter) for drier areas on my face
-blotting film throughout the day
-pore strips every now and then

as long as i stick to this, my skin pretty sane. i know the blotting paper and pore strips are a temporary fix ('it just causes your face to produce more oil because you're soaking it up' or 'the blackheads will come back if you don't treat the root of the problem'), but i'm just doing what i have to do for the time being to keep it under control.

also, mineral foundation has worked pretty well in evening out my skin tone - just make sure to get a good makeup base... i feel your pain - 'bad' skin sucks! good luck! :P
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Garden of Wisdom (GoW)

I sent you a message! =]
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I'm pretty happy with the results I've seen since I've been going to the skin-care clinic I go to. If you're in the SF Bay Area, you're golden (they're in San Leandro); if you aren't, they do distance consultation (photos via email, I think).

Their products (cleanser, toner, lotion, etc.) are pricier than drugstore (I grumble every time I reorder), but compared to Crème de la Mer, a consultation + their products would be downright frugal, I think.

Also, personal experience & YMMV: oil absorbing sheets like Clean&Clear, yes; Biore-type nose-strips, no; mineral makeup, yes, but you may need to try a couple of brands before you find one you like — Aromaleigh and Everyday Minerals work well for me.

Oh, and advice I'm still working on following myself: If you have a magnifying mirror, throw it away.
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Your post doesn't say if you've been to a dermatologist yet, but if you can, I suggest that you do that first. If it's a good doctor, then he or she will make recommendations that work for your skin. Often doctor's have skincare lines that you can only get through a doctor - sometimes these are ripoffs and just an easy way for the doctor to get more money, but sometimes they are really awesome products. For thing that you might want to look into for your spots is Obagi. There's an entire system and it's super expensive, but I only use the product called Clear and I think it's done a pretty good job of helping to even out my skin tone. The moisturizer I use is something I also got from my doctor, it's called lipid drops and is light and absorbed into the skin really quickly. It makes my face feel really soft and smooth, I love it.
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I agree wholeheartedly with georgina and hecho de la basura. My skin has always been difficult, just as you described, and my life turned around when I started the Oil Cleansing Method, moisturising with organic coconut oil and doing the aspirin mask, which is the salicylic acid georgina talked about. Weekly aspirin masks used with a pore strip turned my pores around. They went from craters to barely visible.

I can't recommend googling the OCM strongly enough. My skin just glowed! And it plumps it out and makes me look all fresh faced and young. I'm kind of obsessed with it. OCM and aspirin masks gave me the skin I'd always wanted and thought I'd never have.
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Most pore minimising products are flights of fancy.

Prescription Retin-A cream. Works for brown spots, acne, and pores. Crazy-great stuff. I know the original poster asked about moisturizer, but I had to respond to that comment. Retin-A is kind of unreal. I found out about it when I got an embarrassing attack of blackheads in my 30s that just wouldn't go away until my dermatologist gave me this cream. .05% is the concentration that works.

Can't help you on the moisturizer front because I've never found a really good one that doesn't feel greasy or chemical-ish to me.

Those of you who make your own: please do share the recipes!
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