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So, I think I might have two clitorises. Is this even possible?

You're not my doctor, of course. But I won't see her for months, so here I am.

I am fairly new to masturbation (and have not yet orgasmed.) Since beginning to pay more attention to the whole area, I have noticed something... weird.

To the right of my clitoris, right next to it and aligned with its base, is something that looks sort of like a skin tag. Just a tiny little protrusion, not one-twentieth the size of the clitoris. I never noticed it before I began masturbating regularly, because normally it's pretty much invisible... but when my clitoris gets hard, so does it! It becomes engorged and sticks right out, a few mm long and pretty skinny. And, through experimentation, I've found that if it starts losing hardness, gently flicking it will revive it.

It also hurts to rub it (as hard as I rub my clit, anyway) when it's engorged- sort of stings. I actually first noticed it because I was masturbating and started wondering what hurt. Felt like I had rubbed myself raw there, but when I checked it out... nope, tiny maybe-clit. My theory about the pain is that, whatever this little guy is, I am accidentally pulling on it when I try to rub my clit. It's right there, and it's so tiny that it just gets yanked around.

So, has anyone heard of something like this? Could I have two clits? Googling "two clitorises" mostly yields "no two clitorises are alike," plus some Yahoo answers nonsense. But I have heard of guys being born with two penises. Am I just making up nonsense here, or could there be something to this?
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It's probably made out of the same erectile tissue as your clitoris.
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It's probably just another part of your one clitoris (which, by the way, extends quite far inside your body, beyond just what you can see externally--so this isn't really crazy or abnormal at all). You could probably get confirmation from your doc that it isn't something else, too.
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There is a condition called "bifid clitoris," which is a developmental anomaly of the clitoris. It is very rare and almost always totally benign, though it can be associated with more problematic urethral and bladder anomalies.

Here's a medical textbook on anomalies of the clitoris.

In any case, yeah, the person to ask about this is your gynecologist. But there's nothing to worry about in the meantime.
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Your gyn would be the best person to ask. Please don't be embarrassed to ask. Not that during a routine gyn exam, there'd be no real reason to be examining your clitoris, so you'll have to bring it up yourself.
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The micro-micro-micropenis theory seems plausible, and I second the suggestions to have it checked out by a professional. Who knows, you might just end up being a groundbreaking case study. At any rate don't worry too much about it, this sounds like a much more enjoyable mutation than the common superfluous third nipple.
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I don't know about two clitorises, but I have a friend who has two cervixes, so it seems possible. She didn't find out until she was about 35, after years of doctors being unable to locate her cervix (you'd think an extra one would make it easier). Now she has two get two pap smears every time.

But anyway, yeah, ask your gyn about it. Oh, and you might try a drop of lube if it's troubling you when you masturbate.
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The whole of the corpus cavernosum clitoridis is erectile tissue, not just the clitoral glans.
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