Recommend a good Boston Metro Relationship/Marriage Therapist/Counselor?
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Recommend a good Boston Metro Relationship/Marriage Therapist/Counselor?

My wife and I are trying to recover from an affair that ended recently. We're both confident that we can stick it out and have a better relationship than we had before, but right now I'm a little messed up. My friends have recommended that I see a shrink for a little bit to help me figure my side of things out (she has her own therapist already). I've never been to therapy before, and don't know anyone in the Boston area that has seen a relationship counselor at any point. I definitely don't need someone that can prescribe anything as I'm healthy and stable in general.

Any recommendations in the Boston/Cambridge area? I don't have a car, so someone that is accessible via public transit is ideal.
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Where are you coming from? I can recommend Melinda Mancini (couldn't find a better link, sorry...), I like working with her. You can get to her by taking the 77 bus down Mass Ave. from Porter, so it may not be super convenient but it depends on where you are coming from.

This thread may be helpful too.
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Oh, and feel free to Mefi-mail me too if you want any further suggestions/help/whatever.
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I'm a little confused: do you want individual counseling, or couples counseling?
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Sidhedevil: Individual counseling for myself.
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I saw someone in Newton Centre (half a block from the Green Line) who also did relationship counseling and was willing to participate in joint sessions with her client, her client's partner, and the partner's therapist if that seemed beneficial to everyone.

If that's in your general "Boston area" of convenience, let me know and I'll dig up her contact info.
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sharon atkinson-mallory is pretty cool. she's over near belmont center on concord ave. so, public transit but it's a bus line.
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