In Manhattan. Want to swim laps.
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Where to swim in Manhattan?

I'm looking for a good lap pool in Manhattan, in midtown or on the upper east side.

I'm familiar with the Manhattan Swim and Athletic Club (used to be a member, but SO expensive). I am looking into the Manhattan Plaza Health Club (it's a little out of the way for me, but any member or former member insights about the club would be appreciated).

Are there any other swimming pools that I should look into that are comparably large (75 ft long or so, not the wimpy, tiny pools that the New York Health and Racquet Clubs/Equinox have)?
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NPR did a story recently about dumpsters in Bkyln being converted into swimming pools, so you could try that! Not really comparably large, I'm afraid...
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There are free pools!
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Thanks avex- I'm looking for something indoors for as the weather gets colder!
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Reebok Sports Club near Lincoln Center has a nice pool but membership is $200+ per month.
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There are both outdoor and indoor pools in that list, such as in Chelsea. Although for indoor pools I believe you have to be a member but it is very cheap.
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There's also the SoHo Club's pool, but again, membership is very expensive.
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I think Chelsea Piers has a big pool in the health club. That, however, is bound to be a very pricey option.
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the chinatown ymca on bowery/east houston (right underneath whole foods) is about two or three years old and has a really nice swimming pool, membership is about $90 or so a month. seahorse fitness on the lower east side has a heated pool, membership is $350 a year.
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The McBurney YMCA on 14th at 6th Ave has a great pool as well.
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How about the pool at Asphalt Green (90th and York, I believe)?

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At 77th and Cherokee Place (a pseudo-street east of York) there is a public outdoor pool. It is part of what I believe is called John Jay Park. Free adult lap swim 7a - 8:25a but closes for the winter after Labor Day, so scurry on over!
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