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I'm working on a theme based zine/journal and need help brainstorming for the latest issue. It's about the recession.

It's going to be related to the recession. It could be something like "pinching pennies" "lean times" or "the bread line". Looking for other phrases that get to the root of the recession. Anything and anything will be considered.
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rock bottom
AIGee whiz we really f'd this one up, didn't we?
Bank of American't we just repackage them one more time, then pay off our bailout to prove that we have changed, even though we really haven't because, well, . . . wordplay!
Take a penny, take a penny
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Brother, Can You Spare A [price of zine goes here]?
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Empty Handed
Government Cheese
The Bailout
The Cash Line
Pennies in the Bank
Pocket Change
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I like Government Cheese...
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Tent City Blues
Brother, Can You Spare A Job?
Dinner for a Family of Four for Under Ten Bucks
Interview Strategies: Dressing for Success On the Cheap
Interview Strategies: Conventional Unemployment (i.e., Lack of a Regular Job) Is Not Unemployment; Or How I Hiked the Appalachian Trail and Lived to Talk About It
Family Matters: When Gold Digging Misses the Pay-Off
Family Matters: When High Maintenance Loses Its Fashion Value
Family Matters: You Can't Put a Price on Love
Debt for Dummies: You Mean I Have to Pay It Back?
Broke is a State of Mind
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