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Is there a society for people who have died and lived to tell the tale?

Hello hivemind. I'm writing up a piece on attempts to chart the afterlife - from Dr. Beaurieux shouting at the severed heads of guillotine victims to modern cryonics-loving transhumanists.

I recall reading about a society for people who had died and come back to life - i.e. had a 'near' death experience. A Google search turns up IANDS. However, it seems to attract a New Ager crowd for whom NDE can extend to 'I fell asleep and had a really intense dream'.

So... Is there a more level-headed society for revenants? Or did I fall asleep and dream it?
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A subset of MeFi could be what you're looking for.
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How about a Galician street festival where people who have escaped death tell their stories after being paraded around town in coffins?

It's the annual festival of the sister of Lazarus, Santa Marta -- the Fiesta de Santa Marta de Ribarteme.
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