Can't turn my lamp on anymore
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Can't. Turn. The. Switch. On my lamp.

I have two identical table lamps bought at Crate & Barrel a year ago.

Six months ago, we found we couldn't turn the switch on one of them any more. It just wouldn't turn.

I unscrewed the black turny-thing and below it was a metal stem. I took a pair of pliers and was able to turn the stem that way, and I turned the lamp on. Then I plugged it into a power strip, and we just turn the power strip on and off to control the lamp.

This past weekend the same problem happened with the other lamp. Can't turn the switch by hand, need the pliers

I know lamps aren't that complex inside and replacing the whole switch mechanism is not that hard, but does anyone have any idea what is going on here? The switch is working, since it still turns the lamp on. It's just very hard to turn.
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cheap Chinese switch go get a UL approved replacement at your local hardware or home store. It all comes apart easy.
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2 bucks to replace, 10 minutes to do it with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers at the most... there may also be a safety factor.. just replace it..
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As an aside...

Google lamp repair videos or DIY directions. Once you figure out how easy this lamp issue is to solve, a whole new world will open up for you! Love those garage sale or second-hand store lamps? Buy them! If they don't work or parts fail... you'll now know exactly how to fix it and where to source the parts:)

I don't really understand sperose's comment (not having seen the lamp in question!) because anything that takes an incandescent or florescent bulb should take minutes and between $5 or $15 to fix.
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I have a bunch of these knob extensions on my lamps. The link is for an arthritis site but they sell them at regular lamp stores, Home Depot, etc. The knob extension pops right over the old switch and totally solves the problem.
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These turn switches are notorious for being short-lived. You can replace the switch, if you have some pliers and snips. They may fail again, however.

A solution that has worked for us is to install a switch at the plug, and use that instead of the switch on the lamp.
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Best answer: Another thing to watch out for is the (usually) plastic part that unscrews can get stripped or thread itself so far down that it is hitting the lamp body, and thus will not allow you to turn it. I was able to temporarily solve this by adding a small brass nut to the threaded part and then put the plastic turn back on. But eventually I ended up replacing the whole socket with one from Lowes.
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Oh, and don't forget to unplug it before messing with the switch. :)
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