Printing letters for a sign - use Word or is there better free software?
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Printing Letters for a Sign: I have been asked to print up letters on paper for a church sign. The letters need to be 3" tall and 1 1/2" wide with 1/2" between each letter. Can I do this in Word (and how?) or is there a program (free) that I can download to do this?
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There are 72 points to an inch; if you want 3" tall type, set the size to 216 points. If you just want to print letters that you're going to cut out and rearrange, you're all set at that point; type and print. If you want to actually print out a large sign, you will just have to change the page size in Word, type up what you want, and then find a place to print it out on a large piece of paper, like your local Kinko's.

Maybe there's some part of the question I'm not understanding, though.
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Response by poster: Thanks, bcwinters - that was *exactly* the information I was looking for!
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The point size of a font is measured from the top of the highest point on the letters to the bottom of a descender (like the bottom loop of a lower case g), so you won't get an exactly 3" high letter from 216 points.
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Response by poster: MegoSteve - thanks for the clarification! Before I found your answer, I had already found that 216 pt wasn't enough and ended up using 288 pt. which got me real close to 3 inches.
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