What is a societal stakeholder?
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What is the definition of a 'societal stakeholder'?

Not a homework question; I'm reading through a policy funding brochure and I can't for the life of me come up with a simple definition for the layperson (ie me). Does anyone know what it means within one or two sentences?

It would save me having to read up on reams of stakeholder theory in order to get a sense of it, when I really just need to know what this organisation is planning to do with their money.

Thanks as always.
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Best answer: If I read "societal stakeholder" I'd substitute "person this matters to."
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Best answer: It's really anyone affected by the policy/project you're pursuing or advocating. For example, we do stakeholder meetings in support of our construction projects. The stakeholders are residents, businesses, community organizations or any other group that would be affected or represents a group that would be affected by our project.
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Response by poster: You rock - thanks a million.
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