Seeking shared online multi-part project managing solution
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I am working with several other people to seek sponsorship for a non-profit event. There is a fairly simple but lengthy series of actions that needs to be completed to track each unique sponsor. We've thought about having a binder with a printed page showing tasks for each sponsor, but it would be preferable if there was an online solution any of us can access for checking off and date-stamping completed tasks, with a place to add notes.

A sample workflow would be something like: page is named for a sponsor, sponsor is contacted (checked, need room for notes), sponsor is invoiced (checked, date), check is received and deposited (checked, dates), sponsor is thanked (checked, date), sponsor info is added to website and event map (checked, dates).

Is there some simple, preferably free, way of doing this? We are already using Google Documents to share some text-based information, but none of us is a whiz with the various tools there, and perhaps we're overlooking some obvious solution. Our event website is running Drupal, and one of us knows how to code it.

Thanks, hive mind, for any suggestions you can offer.
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Blackbaud is one of several solutions that is popular in the large-scene NPO community.

I personally don't like it, and would prefer something like a shared google docs spreadsheet or a custom access db, but Blackbaud is largely an industry standard.
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Best answer: Zoho Projects might be what you're looking for.
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Response by poster: Zoho Projects seems like it might just be a fit. I've already created a workflow, saved it as a template, and was able to easily duplicate it. Thanks!

Blackbaud looks too complex for what we need to do now, but it's good to know about it for future options.
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I wonder about coactivate? i haven't tried it yet, but a friend recommended it to me.
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