Best way to deliver beer across the world?
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I need to deliver a case of good beer to an address in Bristol, U.K. and I live in Calgary, Canada. What are my options?
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Best answer: Does it have to be delivered from Canada to the UK, or are you able to just purchase some UK-based beer for delivery to Bristol? If so, there are definitely online beer companies. A quick google turns up and There are probably lots more.

If you want to move some Canadian beer to the UK then I have no idea, though I'd imagine that transporting as much as a case of beer internationally might cause some problems.
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As an ex-Bristolian, I recommend Bath Ales if you are unsure as to a local Good Beer.

All hail to the ale!
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If you want to send beer from Canada, you might have a problem. Last time I checked with Customs and Excise, they claimed that any alcohol coming in from European countries would be destroyed on principle, despite the free trade rules. The chances of alcohol coming in from Canada are probably pretty damned slim.

If you're looking to buy from a UK retailer, I've always liked Beers of Europe, but I've always gone there in person rather than trying mail order.
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Agreed, if it doesn't have to be a Canadian beer, you're spoiled for choice in that region of the UK. It would take a heart of stone to resist a polypin of Betty Stoggs bitter. And I speak as a former devotee of Canadian brews.

If it has to be Canadian beer, it might be easier to order the beer from the UK end rather than deal with freight charges and customs issues. The Canada Shop in Covent Garden stocks Sleeman and Moosehead.
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Response by poster: I should have been more clear. It does not have to be Canadian beer - really, I'm just looking for a shop in Bristol that will take an order from me and deliver it to the person I want to give it to.

In short someone has done a big favor for me and I want to repay them in an unexpected way.
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Response by poster: Just ordered from - easy!
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