Orlando Meal Prep and Delivery
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I have close family in Orlando (near downtown) that have suffered a major loss. I want to have a nice meal delivered to them tomorrow night.

Not just regular take-out or delivery. I'm looking for the kind of meal delivery that some catering companies and personal chefs do. They aren't up to anyone in the house yet so I'm looking for off site preparation and delivery. Google has lots of choices so I need personal recommendations. Meal for four, good, fresh ingredients, something special. Thanks in advance..
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Why don't you make something yourself? In my community, when someone has a major event, like a birth or someone has an injury, word goes out to their friends and every night someone shows up with a meal. It's WAY more meaningful than ordering takeout and having it delivered. If you're not a cook, get someone to work with you, help you. It's a wonderful labor.
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Sorry, I should have clarified. I live in Atlanta.
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Was going to add, good food, decent pricing and a pretty broad selection. It's the favored order-in food place at my work for the executives and everyone on down.
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