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I need to replace my flat brown boots. The problem - they need to be a UK size 9.

I have a lovely pair of suede boots (they look a little like these or these albeit with a dark rather than white sole) I bought for about £15 six years ago, and they are past their best. They have a sturdy sole - unlike the thin flat soles many 'fashion' shoes and boots have - which is hard-wearing and comfortable. They are flat, so unlike my cowboy boots, I can walk far in them. They are 'pirate boots' - as in, slouchy mid-calf boots that have a strap and buckle at the top - which is great as a lot of boots seem to be designed for people with far more slender legs than I. They are flat, so unlike my cowboy boots, I can walk far in them. And they are the brown colour of Milka chocolate, so go with pretty much everything I want to wear in the winter. As I can't get an exact replacement - the store that made them closed down - I've been looking for a new pair. The problem is that I'm not finding anything that will fit a size 9/42, or if I do, they have last-a-week thin soles, or too much of a heel, or are biker boots which might end up looking odd with a dress. (I#ve been told that high-end brands do shoes for bigger feet, but the cost would mean that I would have to live in my boots in lieu of paying the rent.) Help me!
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What's your price limit? Frye boots are worth their weight in gold, and while you'll pretty much pay their weight in gold for them, they're kind of a mid-range price as far as decent boots go.

Way more than 15 pounds, though.
posted by oinopaponton at 6:43 AM on August 26, 2009 is UK based and has a huge range of sizes, not just in shoe sizes but also calf sizes (because some of us are just blessed with large calves). I've heard good things about the boots on this site. However, I did a quick search and there's not much available in the style you want. If you're willing to branch out in style, this is probably the place to go.
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Seconding Duo. I am from the US, and made a special trip to Duo on Saville Row to get some boots for my wide calves. Fabulous customer service.
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Duo I was considering, but as they're considerably more than high street stores tend to be (the nearest equivalent I've found to my boots is £65) I may have to save a bit. I think it's one of those 'spend for quality' type purchases that only feel uncomfortable during outlay.

Frye look good, but are they available in the UK? The shipping and customs costs would be obscene.
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Oof, yeah the UK shipping charges are steep. The UK branch of Urban Outfitters seems to stock Frye (not much selection at the moment, though). The Natural Shoe Store seems UK based and has a wider selection.

You could probably find a decent and less expensive pair on eBay, if you're okay with that sort of thing. Good luck either way-- I hope you find some great boots before fall (the second I sense a chill in the air, my [Frye] boots aren't leaving my feet until April).
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Oooh. Sadly not many styles, though, and they only go up to a 7. Maybe they'll be stocked over here, hopefully coinciding with when I can spend £240 on boots!

the Duo site has some lovely shoes which I am telling myself I do not need. Really. Don't need 'em.
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Perhaps, if you find boots you like with not-so-good soles, you could have a cobbler put better soles on them?
Are your current boots uppers good enough to have the sole replaced?

Good luck. I know what its like to wear a pair of crap shoes until they fall apart, and then not be able to find a replacement.
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