A Concise History of Britain (book recommendation)
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BookFilter: I'm looking for a concise book on the history of Britain (prehistory to modern day), any suggestions?
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This links to the DVD but the book is out there and I loved it
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John O’Farrell's Utterly Impartial History of Britain. Or 2000 Tears of Upper Class Twits in Charge.

Though the radio series was even better.
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Sorry should have said Simon Schama's "History of Britain."
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Paul Johnson wrote The Offshore Islanders before he turning rightwing. Highly readable. (Schama's book is interesting, but to my mind a little too concise.)
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A History of the English Speaking Peoples by Winston S. Churchill. OK, it's not concise but you can't fault the writing style.
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Schama's three volume set is probably the best recent stab at this. It has drawbacks -- it's heavy on political matters and light on social and cultural history -- but I wouldn't say that over a massive three volumes it is too concise. Indeed, it may be too detailed for you. If you don't mind watching T.V., then the series, as linked to above, is also an excellent bet.
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I think you'll like 1066 And All That.
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It'd help if you'd specify what you don't mind sacrificing to conciseness.

We're talking about mammoth amounts of history, much of it convoluted and subtle. If it's got to be abridged, and you obviously want more than, say, the Wikipedia version, it'd be helpful to know more clearly what you're looking for.
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I just finished reading GK Chesterton's A Short History of England
It's short on names and dates, and not rigorous in an academic sense, but it paints an interesting picture of what Chesterton believed it meant to be English. He's a marvelous writer and this work is indeed concise.
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Don't be daunted by the size of Simon Schama, it is exacvtly what you want.
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(My bad on the concise comment- I had it as an audio book - his reading, very nice - and it was , no question - short. Have to check the real edition now.

Carry on.)
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The Oxford History of Britain is the best one volume history of Britain I have ever read. And I have to read them professionally.

It doesn't start with the prehistory, but rather with Roman Britain but continues to today - but each chapter is by a different expert in the field, and all are clear and well written. Just the right amount of detail.

If you want prehistory, I would reccommend Francis Pryor's books - he's an archeologist, not a historian, but there is no written history in Britain before the Romans (that's what it's called prehistory :) so the archeologists are the true experts. Also, he's an excellent and engaging writer.
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