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I'm singing in an outdoor wedding and am desperately looking for a karaoke version of Gershwin's "For You, For Me, For Evermore." I would prefer a version that starts at the refrain (right on "For you, for me..."). Any suggestions?

I've looked on iTunes and Google and have only found karaoke versions of Gershwin's more popular songs.
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There's an instrumental version by Eddie Harris, available on the For You, For Me, For Evermore Import CD.
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I've seen a lot of midi files posted as karaoke music. Do a search for Gershwin + midi. Use a midi editor [like Anvil] to mark your inpoint.
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I know nothing of karaoke tracks and I realize I'm completely missing the point, but it might be easier to find an ensemble to play the song. I say this as a musician who's played at weddings - sometimes it's easier to get a band. If you can't hire them for the gig, maybe they could record something for it?
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Thanks for the help guys. I ended up not finding anything that worked quite right, and so I'm having my piano-instructor aunt record an accompaniment for me. Hopefully it goes well!
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