Are You Ready For Some (or rather, "a" question about) Football (songs)
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I am charged with finding music for a work party. The theme is "NFL Draft Day" so I need songs relating to American football. The association to football can be pretty loose and tenuous. Any suggestions?

That the songs be enjoyable in their own right is also pretty important because people will not be listening too closely. It's more of a subliminal thing.

Ideally these songs should be available via iTunes or the Amazon music store but I'll do all the searching. Thanks!
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The Decemberists' "The Sporting Life"
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Super Bowl Shuffle? (Obviously more of a novelty to make people laugh.)
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Todd Rundgren's "(I Don't Wanna Work, I Just Wanna) Bang on the Drum All Day" is what they play at Lambeau Field after a Packers touchdown. Very recognizable to any NFC North fan and seemingly appropriate in theme to your event.
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Gary Glitter's "Rock and Roll Part 2" is linked inextricably in many people's minds with sports, and it makes for pretty fun background music.

Also, at the risk of being too obvious, there's "Are You Ready for Some Football?" by Hank Williams, Jr.
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I think the music to NFL Films would be very appropriate.
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Some football-centric colleges have really great fight songs. As much as it pains me to say this...and it really pains me to say this...Notre Dame and the University of Michigan are two of the best.
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"Glory Days" by Bruce Springsteen was played at the Superbowl halftime show last year. He makes a baseball reference in the lyrics but modified it to be football during the show. Either way, it's maybe a look at the folks who don't get picked up in the draft and where they'll be ten years down the road :)

Plus, it's awesome.
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I would personally go with NFL Films music. Man just thinking about it gets me all aflutter, ready to run through a secondary. Autumn Thunder. I'd have the voice of John Facenda bellowed at least once.
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More too obvious suggestions:
Faith Hill - Waiting All Week for Sunday Night
Tim McGraw - I Like It, I Love It (the alternate version from MNF a few years ago)

Not too obvious:
Jack Johnson - Mudfootball

Google led me to Ten songs with football in their names
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A.F.I.: High School Football Hero
Ataris: San Dimas High School Football Rules
Funeral for a Friend: The Art of American Football

And, um... I Suck at Fantasy Football.
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Mel and Tim's Backfield in Motion.
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With Vick playing you could go with "Who let the Dogs Out."
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Drop Kick Me Jesus Through the Goalposts of Life.

Old Bobby Bare number, still works for me.
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Pavement - Lions (Linden)
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I remember back in the 90's when I used to have a video about best NFL plays, they played Elton John's "Rocket Man" when all the receivers were making these fantastic catches. That song now always reminds me of football, but maybe it's just me.
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Look up E.S. Posthumus on iTunes. In particular "Unstoppable", "Arise", and "Rise to Glory" which are various CBS Football theme songs.
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If you're subversive, you might consider:

AFI: High School Football Hero
The Dead Kennedys: Jock-O-Rama
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Fountains of Wayne - All Kinds of Time

Jack Johnson - Mudfootball

But what came to my mind first was Mellencamp's "Our Country" since you couldn't avoid that damn Chevy commercial on repeat every Sunday back in 2006. For a long time I didn't even now it was a real song. If you watch football, you have a natural gag reflex to that "This is our country" line.

So naturally, it should be included.
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If you're subversive, you might consider:

I am. And I will.

Great answers everyone. Nothing is too obvious because I don't follow football much at all anymore.

Any songs from the 60's?
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If you're subversive, you might consider:

I am. And I will.

In that case I would also suggest Belle and Sebastian - I Don't Want to Play Football.
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These most likely will put a puzzled look across your guests' faces - two disco songs about football.
Montana Sextet - (Sunday's Gonna Be A Bore) No Football No More
Love Symphony Orchestra - At The Football Stadium (Making Love In Public Places)
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If you wanted to do something a bit more meta you could collect the music used by teams immediately prior to kickoff. For example the Cincinnati Bengals use Guns 'n Roses' Welcome to the Jungle whereas the Steelers use a version of Kernkraft 400 by Zombie Nation.

More tenuous to the theme would be Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes which is played a lot at stadiums during game day.
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Don McLean - American Pie
"The players tried for a forward pass,
With the jester on the sidelines in a cast."
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Ludacris - Madden 2000 Theme

It might stick out a bit next to Belle & Sebastian.
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It might stick out a bit next to Belle & Sebastian.

Jarring transitions are not a problem.
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Wilco - I Am Trying to Break Your Heart

"Take off your Band-Aid because I don't believe in touchdowns."
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Outkast's "Tomb of the Boom" includes:

Fourth and goal
Should I take the three point field goal for the score or should I roll
Around and take the ball up the middle up the gut, the what, the hole
Cranium overload, overthrowed
Now we got seven more points on the board, fa sho

and "The Whole World" mentions Randy Moss.

Plus, although I hate the thing, T-Pain just did an autotuned remix of the Miami Dolphins' fight song, which I guess some people would find more relevant than my personal choice: "Hail to the Redskins".
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Well, you can't go wrong with Diskothi-Q's awesome double concept album, The National Conference / The American Conference, featuring one song for every team in the NFL. My personal favorite is "(Nobody Cares About The St. Louis) Rams" (.mp3 link) but it's all good -- and all downloadable for free. Previously on MetaFilter.
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LA Rams Rap Song (watch this video). Bear's Super Bowl Shuffle. Plus maybe some Queen (We are the Champions or We Will Rock You)
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For sports generally, Walk of Life by Dire Straits is instantly recognizable.
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3 Lions by the Lightning Seeds will work too.
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I love Mojo Nixon's High School Football Friday Night.
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Fox NFL Sunday Theme
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You could also exploit the Jock Jams albums. Or save yourself the trouble and just get the megamix
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I just saw this this morning: iTunes has a "My Groove" for football. (Warning: Launches iTunes.) If you feel like paying $27-80 for 75 songs, that is.
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I thought of this thread when i saw a copy of "Football Freaks" by Clarence Reid in a dollar bin at a record store. I'm sure it's still sitting there if you want me to grab it for you.
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