Anyone have a good MacBook Pro Color Profile to share?
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My glossy MBP needs a better color profile. The greys look yellowish, and I haven't been able to create a good color profile myself. Anyone have a color profile to share, preferably with 2.2 gamma?

I have a 17" glossy MacBook Pro. I've attempted a few "advanced" calibrations myself (where you move the sliders around to create a color profile) as well as the simple ones (set to 2.2 gamma) but haven't found a good one that makes greys look grey instead of yellow-tinted.

But on the laptop screen, the greys look yellowish (as compared to the more neutral grays on my external monitor. Has anyone successfully calibrated their screen, perhaps with a hardware calibrator, who would be willing to share their color profile?
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Our color guru at work calibrated my June 2009 15" MBP using one of our Eye-One calibrators. Profiles are extremely dependent on the individual panel, but the profile I use may look better your eyes. Feel free to download it, but I wouldn't use it for, say, prepress work.

Since you're trying to match two separate displays, you really might want to invest in your own calibrator. Even a cheap one will suffice for most non-critical uses.
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For kicks, I tried nathan_teske's calibration profile on my own late 2008 MBP 15" and it was much worse than the stock calibration. These things are very panel-dependent. Hardware calibrators are definitely the way to go, but the best software calibrator I've used is Supercal.
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Seconding Supercal if you don't have a calibrator. For $75 you can buy a Pantone Huey, all it does is screen calibration but it's good.
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Open up System Preferences, then Display and choose the Color LCD option if it isn't already selected (it'll be the default first in the list). Then click the Open Profile button on the right. ColorSync Utility will open — scroll down to the bottom of that windows and click on the mmod option. Make a note of the Model string — mine has a bunch of trailing 0's and then 9C89, which is the model number of the LCD panel (13" Unibody MacBook). If you google this model number, you may have some luck finding a profile someone else has uploaded. A good place to check is the MacRumors forum. It's where I got mine and the difference is night and day. I could have gotten a calibration tool myself, of course, but I'm perfectly happy with this profile so I can't see the use just yet.
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