A table shouldn't be this hard to search for
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I'm looking for a tall, square bar-style table, at least 40 inches high, with four legs (i.e. not a pedestal table), and two chairs of matching height, with backs. I'm finding this surprisingly hard to search for online. Is there a website out there which can help me? I looked at Ikea, and I found this, which is perfect for the table, but it's not available online.
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I Googled 'bar tables and stools' and found a whole bunch.

This page has some nice ones - especially the first row.
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I've been looking a them for awhile now. "pub table" is what you want to google.

On preview: dancinglamb's suggestion, too.
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My bad. I should've read the specifics. Lemme look and I'll be right back. ;)
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KMart sells these pub table sets. I've seen them in person and they're really pretty nice for the price. I've thought of getting one myself.

If you're having trouble with your searches, try "pub table" + kitchen.
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Your best bet is going to be to pop into a local furniture store. The internet is great for some things, but furniture tends not to be one of them. Not only is shipping a huge pain in the ass--and really expensive if you're not careful--but this stuff tends to be so physical that you're really better off seeing and sitting with furniture before you buy it. Fortunately, unless you live in the boonies, there should be at least a couple halfway-decent stores within half an hour or so. If they don't have what you want, they'll either be able to order it or recommend someone else in town who might. I'd suggest printing out that Ikea page and taking it in, saying "I want this. What can you do for me?"

Go to furniture show rooms, yeah, but also hit up thrift stores. Consignment stores tend to be a little pricey, but you can find surprisingly good pieces at Salvation Army/Goodwill/like local stores if you check in regularly.

Also, Ikea is basically overpriced disposable crap. Now don't get me wrong: disposable crap has its uses, e.g. you're furnishing an apartment from scratch on a shoestring for a fixed period of time, and it's still cheaper than buying real stuff a lot of the time. But if you're actually looking for a piece of furniture that you'll want to keep for more than a few months, almost anything will be better than that. I've gotten half a dozen or so pieces from Ikea, and the only thing I've been satisfied with is the box of wine glasses I got for $15.
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Bingo! (warning, obnoxious sound in link)

Just in case you want to keep looking, "Square pub table set" is how I found it.
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Home Decorators (link goes to Kitchen/DR furniture) has a wide selection of tables and chairs, some sold as sets and some sold separately. There are quite a few tall tables in there. (They also have an outlet site, with smaller selection but some really good deals.)
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Overstock.com has stuff like this all the time, and shipping is only $2.95.
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Try Walmart.com ("pub table" "bar table"). After a very long search, we ended up with this table set & it's beautiful. Plus the shipping was free to the nearest store.

Side-notes: Oddly enough, I also have the Ikea table that you link to (a pretty awesome Craigslist score, all told), but I use it in my bedroom as a crafts table. It's also awesome, but I think it would be too small for a dining table.
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I've been lately admiring this table (that is just the first online retailer I ran across that had it, I actually found it here).
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Thanks for your help, everyone, especially for the "pub table" term. That helps a lot.
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Adding to the pile, the West Elm Parsons bar table. Not so cheap though.
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