What was this song?
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What was this Superpitcheresque song I heard on late-night college radio the other night?

The other night driving home I was listening to the local college station's RoboDJ playing random tracks, when this really cool track came on.
Notable features:
-Sounded a lot like Superpitcher, but after doing some Internet searching it probably wasn't. It had the Superpitcher-trademark sliced guitar and chord changes but was a little less minimal.
-The song contained the lines "Terminator" and "Want to kiss myself".
Any ideas?
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Probably "Dominator" not "Terminator". It was a huge rave tune from 1991; there were plenty of remixes back when it came out (CJ Bolland, Frank De Wulf, etc), and probably plenty more have come out over the years (one, another, etc). Good luck finding the right version.
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Best answer: Oh, and it looks like Jörg Burger did a sort of tongue-in-cheek cover version on this compilation that's starting to get into Superpitcher territory. This one?
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