Cheap portable mp3 speakers?
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Looking for decent portable speakers for my mp3 player, ideally for $30 or less. This is for my cube at work - low volume, but I'd like at least some bass (current $5 piece of crap speakers do not have put out any bass that I can detect, even when adjusting the primitive equalizer on my mp3 player).

I looked at some at Amazon but only saw one review that even mentioned bass at all. I don't listen to a lot of thumpa thumpa music, but I'd like to be able to hear the lower range at a reasonable volume.

I would prefer ones that aren't powered, but if the speakers come with an a/c adapter I could make that work. Mp3 player is a Sandisk Sansa m250, if that matters.

Any suggestions?
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They have to be powered. I'm sure you can plug them in your computer to keep them powered.

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Okay, these are a little more than your price range, and need to be plugged in, and produce way more volume than you need, but I got my husband this speaker and subwoofer set (or a very similar one) for his laptop and they're great. Adding a subwoofer really makes a huge difference in the quality of sound, and makes it sound like more than just mini speakers.
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If a little sound leakage from your cubie is acceptable, may I suggest looking closely at open-ear headphones? The sound quality will be far superior to any cheapo speakers, the bass response exceptional, and you will still be able to hear what is going on around you. The Grado SR60s are a bit steep at $80 for your requested $30 but they are a) portable, b) very highly rated, and c) will last a very long time.

Worth a thought, at least.
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Response by poster: Sorry seanmpuckett, but any kind of headphone is out of the question. Boss is adamant that it looks "unprofessional".
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My 16-year-old son recommends these. He's listening to them right now and he said they meet your requirements. He got them for $25 at either Walmart or KMart.
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Response by poster: amyms, I can't get that link to load. Were you referring to these speakers or something else?
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I saw these Chill Pill ultra-portable speakers (USD $40 approximately) in a trendy London record shop. The staff were showing them off to punters and getting excited about mounting them on bikes, etc. Needless to say they are very cool, but surprisingly good-sounding too. Here's a tediously lengthy Chill%20Pill">gear demo video on YouTube.
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First link error! Let me try again.
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Sigh. The problem is with the YouTube link. At least it gives me the chance to say that the video is irritating too.
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amyms, I can't get that link to load. Were you referring to these speakers or something else?

Yep, those are the right ones.
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I recommend this one. You need batteries, though, which is a drawback if you're planning to keep it on all the time. It comes with a second jack for the smaller 2.5mm headphone jack found on cell phones and the like.
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I am currently listening to these speakers at work - Sony SRS P11Q. They are powered through my iPod (no batteries or wall plug) and have pretty good sound for cube dwelling.

Good luck!
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