What to do at a joint bachelor/bachelorette party?
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What activities or games would be good for a joint bachelor/ bachelorette party?

My friends and I are taking two of our friends, an engaged couple, to the beach for a joint bachelor/bachelorette party. We'll be there for about three days and have rented two houses. We're all in our mid-20s to mid-30 and most of us know each other fairly well (there are some people who don't.) We're trying to come up with fun ideas--activites, games, whatever--that will make the purpose of the weekend clear, in addition to just hanging out and doing regular beach things.

So far we've thought of some sort of scavenger hunt, poker, karaoke...

Any ideas?
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one fun "engaged people!" game is that you get each couple to sit back to back and give each one a pair of one his shoe, one her shoe. Then you ask questions with answers either him/her as the answer. They raise the shoe that corresponds to the person to answer the question. To hilarious results, apparently.
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How many people will be there, all total?
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Avoid spin the bottle or other sex games.
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Stay gender-segregated for part of the party. Think boys' and girls' cabins at camp. Your goal is to out-party the opposite sex and generally ratchet up the sexual tension, call out to each other, make fools of yourselves trying to be sexy, mild pranks involving shaving cream, etc. Then at some point, you will get together and it will be sooooo good.
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And yeah, avoid the pornographic and keep it PG-13.
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In all there will be a little over ten people there, so not that many. "Ratcheting up the sexual tension" probably won't work for this group since everyone's either in relationships or not interested in dating (or hooking up with) anyone else who'll be there. All in all it's a pretty platonic group. I'm thinking more fun and silly and even rowdy, but not sexual, as the overall mood.

Titanium: I'm interested in this shoe game but I don't really get it. What kinds of questions do you ask?...
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tacoma1 things like "who would take longest getting ready for the wedding" "who will have the more elaborate hair do?" "who is going to be running late?" "who is the most fussy with breakfast foods?"
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