Facebook hacking-help!
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Quickest way to contact someone at Facebook regarding a hacker?

This hacker has hijacked the account of a Christian missionary and relief worker who I am acquainted with, has replaced his profile pic with one of a full frontal nude man, and is posting vulgarities, to include the N word among other things. I don't know if my friend is in country or not, I do know that my friend has a lot of FB friends who do not wish to be exposed to this sort of thing, and whoever is doing this needs to be caught-but more importantly, Facebook needs to immediately do something. What is the best way to go about notifying Facebook particularly since the account in question is not mine?
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Never mind-problem solved and the owner of the site has control back...that was quick.
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you'll probably see quite a bit more of this.

4chan got a hold of passwords for singles.com, a christian dating site - people use the same password there and at facebook, and voila!
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Question still stands- how to notify FB about problems with somebody else's account?
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Thanks, nadawi, for that bit of info.

I doubt this guy was on a dating site-he is happily married-but I can see where 4chan might see him as a target if they are indeed targeting Christians.

Pretty tacky thing to do to him. This is someone who literally faces the fact he may not come back from any of his relief trips. He is the last person on earth to deserve this kind of crap done to him.
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well, if it was 4chan, it was the dating site. they got the list of passwords and email addresses from the dating site and then used those to get into facebook. maybe the married isn't so happily...
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Nice twist, Nadawi.

Yeah, if his password was lifted in the same 4chan operation, he definitely had an account on the dating site with the same name and password. That's how it worked.
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On the other hand, a lot of people follow him on Facebook and he's well known for what he does, and I'm guessing his password would be easy to guess. Apparently a lot of the passwords had the word Jesus in them. I could see where someone with an agenda would see hacking him as a challenge.
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If he wants to make sure it doesn't happen again, the possibility of their getting it off a dating site shouldn't be discounted. Even Christians have affairs, apparently at the same rate as the rest of us. Like House says, "everybody lies".
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Dude has kids old enough to be on those dating sites, so let's not do more character assassination on him, k'? He had enough of a rough week with the hackitude.
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