Steampunk Lincoln & the Robot Monkey need company
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I'm looking for art with a certain geek/nerd aesthetic. So far I like Robot Destruction, Steampunk Lincoln, and various Penny Arcade prints such as this one. My criteria are:

  1. No cats. "LOL" or otherwise.
  2. No posters.
  3. Has to be frameable
Any recommendations? The backstory:

My wife has decided that my man cave (spare bedroom) is no longer pretty enough to meet her standards. My old particleboard desk from Wal-Mart is marked for death and she has informed me that "things" will need to be placed on the walls to aid in the prettification of the room. I have been given some discretion regarding the "things", so I'm looking for some cool/geeky prints to help spice things up a bit.
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Perry Bible Fellowship and Achewood both offer signed, framed prints.
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Also, there is some fantastic geekery for sale at

My favorite is this
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I've wanted to buy many of the prints on explodingdog over the years.
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MST3K artwork.
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You can buy prints of many Dresden Codak strips.
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There are lots of nice weird prints over a Topatoco.
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Gallery Nucleus is where I go for my geeked-out art. Nothing says arcane-D&D-grandmaster-yet-cool-beyond-belief like a signed print of the original Star Trek poster. If you're looking for something to stare at when you're tripping, then I would recommend something from rice-boy.
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Eric Joyner's work would have a prominent spot in my man-den (if my entire apartment wasn't already a man-den).
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Frank Frazetta!
James Jean
Audrey Kawasaki(?)
Jamie Hewlett
Have you sifted through deviant art?
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Boot Disk + others from Shanalogic/Pixelgirlpresents by Cynthia Malaran.

I'd also browse any sort of geek/nerd tags on Etsy as you really can't go wrong with homemade dorkery. Are we avoiding ThinkGeek's Home & Office for any particular reason other than prices?
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Pick up a copy of Juxtapoz and check out the back pages for bucketloads of great art of that caliber and better.
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Seconding chairface's recommendation of Eric Joyner. I've got the Rockem Sockem robots print, had it for 3 years or so, and has been commented on with glee by nerds and jocks alike.
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I just bought this print from threadless. If you're at all into music it should work. I'd check out the rest of threadless's print collection, though that was the only one that I personally like (and bought.)
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There's some great stuff at Buenaventura Press.
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A friend of mine: Will Dinski
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Rivet Gallery sells prints and original art in the low brow/pop art spectrum. You know, the kind of stuff you see in Hi Fructose and Juxtapoz. I am sure other vinyl toy galleries would have a similar selection.

Right now they've got a show up called We'll Be Right Back After These Messages focusing on eighties cartoon nostalgia. I really want one of these huge silkscreen prints of Rainbow Brite, but uh, your wife might not approve of that one. Heh.

Keep an eye on A Paper Tiger; they sell prints from the I Am 8-Bit video-game themed gallery exhibitions. It's been a while over a year since the last one so they don't have much right now but they should have a good selection after the next annual show.
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Brandon Bird is right up your alley.
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Thanks for all of your suggestions! I like the Rockem Sockem Robots print, several prints from the Nucleus Gallery, and a few items from Deviant Art.
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