Help me research the underemployment reporting divide.
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Is work/trade, or any kind of non-monetary exchange of goods and/or services currently under statistical analysis?

With new definitions of unemployment flying rampant (un- vs. underemployment, those receiving benefits vs. those who have given up, those still looking for work vs. those who have given up, those who are qualified for higher pay or larger social contributions bc of skills or education, etc etc etc), has anyone found quality research on non-paycheck-based trade?

I'm currently employed part-time in Portland, OR and trade different skills for services, training, knowledge, and goods from four different organizations and co-ops--aka, earning my Masters in Recession. I've earned a ("real") BA and would like more $$ but would also regret giving up this lifestyle to sit in an office from 9-5.

I'd like to cover this story. Fact-finders will be credited, so suggestions on where to submit also encouraged.
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I think the term you're looking for is barter.
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The Washington Post had an article on this several months ago. You might want to look at it, to see the types of things they looked at (for example, an increase on the Barter board on Craigslist).
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I don't think this falls under the same category--many of these organizations have very..well, organized trade wages, and many make it up when you walk in the door. Many are powered by volunteers... And no, I'm not misunderstanding the term as the verb-definition of "barter"--I think this is just different. Maybe the story is not nation-wide but another PDX-gloat-y one. Well, so be it.

Thanks for the Post article, Houstonian!
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If you have time banking or a local currencies in your area, the organisations running them will most likely be happy to give you some figures on how they are doing.

Some quick googling came up with
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