(Where) should I get a sports massage in Cambridge, MA?
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Sports massage in Cambridge, MA?

Boyfriend's been having trouble with his IT band. Did some PT, which helped, but it's still bothering him. He says a massage has given him some relief in the past.

Can anyone recommend someone in the Cambridge/Somerville, MA area? Should I get him a gift certificate to just any massage place? You aren't a doctor or a massage therapist or have IT band trouble, or maybe you do, but will a "regular" massage make it feel better, or might it perhaps aggravate the underlying problem? Is this something you go the doctor route with, or the massage route with?

The point is I'd like to do something nice to help make it feel better. Thanks!
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Hands on Health, Porter Sq. I've been going there for the past 8 years, very professional, clean, and great staff - not to mention good eats upstairs to boot! For a more Eastern bent, check out David Cheng, also in Porter Sq., but be prepared to book a month in advance.
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why do my links do that? happens every once in a while. trying again: David Cheng.
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My friend Cecilia does Okazaki Restorative Massage at her house in between porter and harvard squares. I'll mefi-mail her email address.
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