My god, it's full of permissions.
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Registy editing permissions, group policies and Windows Defender, I think...

Windows Defender, I guess I never cared much for you. It sat there disabled for a long time, but anyways I idly tried to turning it back on. Security Center said unable to. Googling lead me to a certain registry key that had to be edited manually (this being Vista Home Basic, wtf Microsoft?), called DisableAntiSpyware that was disabled by group polices or some such. So to regedit we go. Trying to delete the key tells me I don't have the permissions for it. I see the "edit" submenu of regedit should allow me to gain permissions. Nope, after I change to Administrators having full, I can't save it for unknown reasons (says unable to save). And that's as far as my googling led me.

This is certainly not critical (I have no stuff for WD to take care of re: malware or so), but I figured it would be a good time to learn how to do this kind of damned thing regarding registry fiddling. Help?
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Honestly, if everything works, I'd advise leaving it be. These things are tricky and it's easy to brick your system making changes that "should" work.

Disclaimer aside, you can use REGMON to view registry access in real time. That will tell you exactly what's failing and why. Start there for your poking.

I'm guessing inheritance, you can read THIS for some guidance on security settings and inheritance.

Also check to make sure there's no group policy settings overwriting your changes. Intro to editing local security policies HERE.

Good luck.
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