Where to find lightning closures?
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Where can I find lightning closures for purchase sans bottle? I want to install them on my own bottles. (Description and photos below)

Lightning Closure (on a bottle): http://www.fantes.com/images/122192bottles.jpg

I want to buy these and put them on bottles I already have. Anyone know a source?

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They depend on there being two little holes in the side of the neck of the bottle for the wire to hook into, which means the bottles are made for those closures. Not sure you'll be able to find after-market ones to fit generic wine bottles.
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I have many of these that don't require holes in the bottle (they get traction from the extended lip above). Great stoppers.

I got them a thrift/antique store, though (along with an old dynamite crate) so that probably won't help you much.
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I have seen these with a metal strap that replaces the two holes in the neck of the bottle, sold in lots of 50, in France. If you happen to have a connection to someone in France have them try the Bricomarché - kind of like an Ace Hardware over there.
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I can't access any home brewing websites through my work access, but try searching for "Grolsch tops" on Google.
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They're call swing top seal assemblies and you can buy them in two different sizes at Williams Brewing.
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