My new iPhone won't sync!
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My iPhone was stolen. I got a new one, but now I can't get iTunes to sync correctly with it.

I have a Mac, and when I got my new phone I purchased mobileme. My contacts and calender will sync but none of my songs, movies, ringtones or applications will sync with the new iPhone. I'm not very tech savvy, so I'm sure this is an easy fix but I can't seem to figure it out.
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Is the phone correctly associated with your iTunes account? If not, it will think you're trying to pirate stuff and not sync the things you've paid for to that device.

How you go about associating the two I'm not sure, but I think it's part of the activation process. I think (while logged into iTunes as yourself), you can basically wipe the phone and restore it to its defaults and bind it to your account.
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So what happens when you try to sync it, can you get that far? Does restoring it work? Did you activate it through iTunes?
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Just to make sure we're all in saneville: You note that contacts and calendar sync. I assume you're aware but this isn't the same "syncing" system you're talking about not working. These sync over-the-air through MobileMe. You still must manually sync with a USB cable through the iTunes application for songs and whatnot.
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As polygot suggested, ensure you log into your account at the iTunes store through iTunes on your Mac before connecting your iPhone (as floam said) via the USB cable. This might help.

Perhaps somebody could chime in by telling us all whether or not your previously purchased apps will sync to your new iPhone or not?

Good luck thebrokenmuse. I feel for you. Hope you manage to sync your life back. It's a God awful thing when somebody steals your contacts and notes and music and apps and bookmarks and all those messages and mails. Was your stolen iPhone was password protected?
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When you plugged in the new iPhone for the first time, iTunes should have asked if you wanted to sync/restore from a backup of the previous phone or to make it a "new" phone.

Maybe you could try a restore and then tell it to use the backup information from the old phone?

I broke my first iPhone and didn't have any problems syncing the new one with the old data. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or I could take screenshots for you. I have a PC but I am pretty sure the sync/restore process is the same.
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