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Please recommend a simple route on public transportation to go from JFK airport to White Plains Airport (Westchester County).

Something cheaper than a taxi is desirable, but I don't want to change buses a dozen times either.

We are flying into JFK, but I don't want to rent a car at those prices. We'll be staying near White Plains, and their airport has much cheaper rentals.


(I asked a couple of weeks ago about cheaper rentals at JFK. Thanks to all those who offered suggestions then, too!)
posted by SLC Mom to Travel & Transportation (7 answers total) - Google maps route using public transit. Obviously the times would change depending on when you are traveling, but I can only imagine they would be a little shorter in the day time.
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You can get the airtrain/subway to Grand Central in Manhattan, and a Metro North train to North White Plains. Google Maps does a great job on these things, which always amazes me. You'll want to change the end point on the directions to match your hotel and will most likely need a short cab ride at that end.

Elaborations: The subway is better than real trains for getting to Grand Central; you will take the airport light rail (Airtrain) to a nearby subway, and one connection between subway lines. This step might be a royal pain in the ass if you have a lot of bags, but that's the subway for you. The Metro North to North White Plains is an easily navigated commuter service that runs quickly and frequently.
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From Grand Central you want to take the Harlem line to White Plains, cross the street to the Bus Station and take the Airlink bus to Westchester County Airport.
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Best answer: The most convenient way is to take the AirportExpress shuttle bus for $15 from JFK to Grand Central, hop on the Metro North (~$8 or $7 depending on time) to the White Plains station. From White Plains I'm sure there's a Bee Line bus to the airport, but the buses aren't fantastic, but I'm sure you can get a cab to the airport for ~$15. (Or do what MLIS said about the Airlink bus.) Having made this trip many many times, I can assure this is the best way. (However, for even more convenience, call the Westchester Express shuttle service and it's $55 from JFK to White Plains.)
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I'm not quite sure if you're flying out of White Plains at any point. Could you look for an off-airport location near JFK where you could rent?
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. I do prefer to avoid the subway with luggage.
I think we will take Westchester Express for the trip up, when we are loaded with luggage,and the train on the way back, when I will just have carryons.
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Response by poster: I actually ended up fiding a $45 day rate from National at JFK.
However, it was through an international booking agent (like Travelocity/Expedia/etc, but in Europe) that I linked into through a web search engine. They were comparing Expedia/Orbitz, etc, and threw in the European site and let me book it.
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