How do I file a Google Maps bug report?
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Google Maps has my street name misspelled. How do I get them to fix it?
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Here's a contact form for the Maps support team. Good luck, I hope you get a response.
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Founds this on the google forum flagged as correct. Only 5 days old.

Google Maps now gets all of their source map data from TeleAtlas. The other map data provider (NAVTEQ) supplies to Bing/Microsoft, Garmin, and others. TeleAtlas does seem to be much less up to date than NAVTEQ -- which means that Google Maps is often wrong. (A previous poster said Google Maps switched from NAVTEQ to TeleAtlas recently. That seems likely, as my entire neighborhood - which used to appear in Google Maps - has now disappeared!)

TO SUGGEST A MAP CORRECTION, you need to go to TeleAtlas (not Google):

- Their main page is here:

- Their "map feedback" page is here:

It's pretty quick and easy to submit a correction request. The more corrections we all submit (and the more precise instructions we can give to TeleAtlas), the sooner Google Maps will show correct info!
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There is an issue with an area right around the corner from me and I filled out the correction request with TeleAtlas months ago. Its probably been 4 months and the error is still there. Let us know if you get a better response.
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Thanks, I'll do both of the things suggested.
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Previously, though probably a different situation.
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I did this to correct a misspelled park name in my hometown, and now none of the parks in my hometown are labeled at all on Google maps. :(
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Back in '92 or so, I lived on a small dead-end street in Nashville. Trying to get utilities hooked up revealed that the street name was spelled differently in almost every municipal and corporate database. Turns out that there's no such thing as a definitive nomenclature for streets (notice how property deeds aren't address-based, but survey plot based?). When the street signs have one spelling, the city management has another spelling, and neither match the utility spellings, there's no absolute way to resolve this.

So it's no surprise that Google would not have a clue which one to use.
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AFAIK, you pay companies like NAVTEQ and TeleAtlas every time you get an updated copy of their data. Google might be a special case being such a large customer, but they are possibly doing periodic, maybe quarterly, updates of the TeleAtlas dataset. Combine Google refresh lead time with TeleAtlas update lead time, and it could certainly be months before you see a change.
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I'm wondering if the OP had a followup.

Based on this thread, i submitted a request to TeleAtlas since they were showing my address in the wrong place (its useful to point visitors to an accurate map, no?) Nothing has happened since then. The status page is stuck at "We have received your issue." It has been six months.
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