grass / synthetic surface run in the bay area?
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anybody know of a grass / synthetic surface for a run in the bay area?

I have looked just about everywhere I could think of including the obvious,,, and various google searches -- but I can't seem to find a good area where I can run that would be easier on my lower body, namely my knees.

I fear that my common running routine on very hard surfaces is slowly killing my body.

I'm looking for a grassy area, or a wood chip-rich covering. Dirt is not preferable. Synthetic grounds could also work.

If anyone has found of a good location, namely in the east bay, please share. I'm up for anything in the SF/east bay area. Ideally, I want to run a half marathon, but realize of I find such an area, I'd have to cover the same ground more than once.
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Bushrod Park, Montera Middle School, and Caldecott Field in Oakland all have large, flat grass fields. The grass isn't the best, and they're all used for little league baseball (and Montera is a school, of course) but they should be open to the public during the day. Pleasant Hill Park also has a big open grass area.

You should also check out high schools near you. I know Piedmont's field is open when there aren't any practices. Campolindo and Acalanes both have big grass fields, but I'm not sure what access there is like.
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